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If the FNPM ain’t doing it for you, how about some classical music again?



Friday Night Party Music

Ah, but of course. First one via a link reader Sean sent the other day. First thought was this is going on FNPM.

Haha! Lady bing wanted me to use headphones, then recognised it, and now we have one very happy wife! 🙂

Nice way to warm up… from two days ago…DJ aSSa… love this mix! 🙂

A bit earlier… January.




Meh. Last mix bad chow (removed). This one much better.


Oh, yes.

Mindless crap, eh? Not worthy of a classical music fan’s attention? Hence why I compare a good DJ to a good composer. Whole lotta other business going on inside those headphones too, btw.

And that vid is merely of a simple setup. Top DJs literally have a panel in front of them wider than a cadillac’s dash with about as many buttons and gizmo’s as a cockpit (pardon the perhaps unintentional pun). And like a pilot, it’s not merely the DJ, but the people who produce the original tracks, flying that plane. Every single sound you hear they sampled from somewhere, be it a bouncing basketball (modified) for the bass drum or a bus engine (modified) for the synth.

Don’t be too quick to diss it as not real music, folks.


Truth be told, I was waiting for the second last mix to end so the Eternal Techno™ could be given its due. Mateus.

There must be moar.

Murdoch must be jumping for joy…

…at Fairfax’s decision to outsource is sub editors... to a company partly owned by Murdoch.

Why, just why, of all things, would they do that? One would suspect that if their finance problems are bad now, they’re gonna be a hulluva lot worse down the track.

BTW, bet Bob Brown isn’t jumping, though…

Watch your step

Via Paco, just a little local news.



Lady bing laughed her guts out.

Drats. Global warming

The Aussie ski season has begun earlier this year.

There’s more snow over in the States, too.

Meanwhile, if anyone is still so worried about the harmless yet necessary trace gas that is our old friend, CO2, they’ve worked out a way to shove it into ice (and with an added bonus to boot).

They’ve done it in a laboratory: Scientists have injected carbon dioxide into the kind of methane ice that underlies vast tracts of permafrost in the Arctic and lurks beneath the deep seafloor throughout the world. In that experiment, the carbon dioxide exchanged with the methane molecules. While the CO2 was sequestered inside the ice, the scientists extracted an energy source that may exist in nature in greater volume than all other fossil fuels combined.

There’s lots there to read on about.

But back to us evil humans killing the planet, and it turns out the IPCC is wrong again and that species loss “is at least twice as slow as previously thought”. Well, at least the IPCC reckons they’re going to undergo some major reforms.

Speaking of dodgy models and predictions, good ol’ James Hansen at NASA has come out and stated that man-made global warming predictions have been exaggerated.

Na. You think so, James? 🙄

By the way, there’s a link at the end of that previous link which also notes the rate of sea level rise is decreasing, despite NASA wanting you to believe it has been increasing by cooking the books. It should also be noted 10% of sea level rise is due to land rising, also.

Meanwhile, a fair whack of this eco greenie claptrap is being scrapped in the UK and Canada.

Of particular note is that Canada link. Yes. They’ve scrapped their carbon tax.

Julia? Bob?

Who is John?

Paco on John on Al:

Well, John, let me ask you something. What if the dean and chief mouthpiece of the “oncological community” was a man who majored in government as an undergraduate, did poorly in science and math classes, later dropped out of divinity school and obtained a law degree, and went on to enjoy a modestly successful political career, only to flame out in a burst of extreme weirdness in a losing presidential campaign against a guy who would one day wind up being caricatured by vicious cartoonists as a chimp? Furthermore, what if he had once been in the pay of the tobacco lobby? Would these facts not tend to undermine your blind faith in the credibility of a medical establishment of which he was the leading light? Or – and I am still using the oncological analogy – would you unquestioningly agree to a colonoscopy performed with an Apache double-jacket fire hose and a Sunbeam minicam because the “science is settled”?

If that ain’t burger time, then what is?

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