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Spanish and Korean F1 GPs in doubt

This doesn’t seem right. How could our benevolent Lord do such a thing? The Spanish Grand Prix is Sunday, May 22 but God’s Chosen People® may be forced to miss it.

The world will end at 6pm [Saturday]* according to the followers of an evangelical Christian minister, who claims he calculated the date and time of ‘The Rapture’ by adding up numbers in the Bible.

Also in doubt is the Korean F1 Grand Prix (which yours truly and Lady bingbing will be attending), running from the 14th to the 16th of October.

A period of ‘trial’ on earth for non-believers is forecast to follow and could last six months, but by October 21 all those who have not been saved will be dead, goes the prophecy.

Oh, God. Wwwwwwhhhhhhhhyyyyyyy?!?!?!?11?

*Is that 6pm London time? California time? It’s obviously not 6pm Korean time… 😕


Glad I’m already married…

…and that Mexico’s pointy-toed boots craze hasn’t hit Korea yet.

University student Pascual Escobedo, 20, said: ‘At the beginning I didn’t like them very much, but the girls wouldn’t dance with you if you weren’t wearing pointy boots.’

OK, then.


Gillard’s gravy train

The same companies that brought you those lethal Pink Batts are milking the Aussie taxpayer in other ways also.

Siobhain Ryan:

THREE companies thrown out of the federal government’s $1.45 billion Home Insulation Scheme have been linked to businesses seeking to profit from taxpayer-funded solar subsidies.

And a dozen other insulation installers under the defunct scheme have been endorsed by Canberra to take part in its $308 million “digital ready” set-top box scheme.

An investigation by The Weekend Australian has revealed the extent of crossover of companies involved in generous government subsidy schemes for new and green technologies.

The dollar figure must surely be staggering now on how much “Green” money has been swiped from the Australian worker.

Bolt on Strauss-Kahn

Socialists and their brazen hypocrisy that they don’t even bother to hide nowadays:

That a socialist could find himself on this salary, in that room, charged with the rape of such a woman will surprise no one, in a way. We’ve lost that moral sense or expectation of having actions matched to words, lifestyle to cause.

Nowhere do we see this more clearly than in the global warming crusade—the first religious movement led entirely by shameless hypocrites.

Meanwhile, closer to home, Gillard is still hell bent on her pointless carbon (dioxide) tax, and she’s becoming tetchy, too.

Feeling the heat, Julia?


Tim Blair takes a look at Gillard’s courage.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who knifed her own party leader, lied to Australia, handed Labor policy to the Greens and is too chicken to hold an election, plans her next speech:

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