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Spinning out of control

When faced with fierce opposition, what do our economic climate wreckers do? Spin, spin, and spin some more.

SLASHING Australian greenhouse gas emissions will not, on its own, save the Great Barrier Reef, and its future will depend on an international agreement among the world’s biggest emitters.

Julia Gillard’s key climate-change adviser, Will Steffen, has warned that nothing short of securing an effective global agreement to tackle climate change can save the reef, while one of the world’s leading reef scientists, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, has said Australia will be left with “the great weedy reef” unless the world cuts emissions.

The warnings follow the release of a Climate Commission report that found that unless global emissions began falling within a few years, the world would face a near-impossible task to limit global warming to 2C by 2050 – the target scientists say will limit damage to the reef and avert dangerous climate change.

What a load of BS. The Great Barrier Reef has been around for thousands of years, and the scare campaign against it has been proven a pack of lies again and again and again. As a paleontologist, you’d think Tim Flannery of all people would know climate has always changed – naturally – and often quite dramatically, and the Reef has endured.

Meanwhile, even some in the renewables sector aren’t happy about Julia’s Let’s-help-China tax.

FOR more than three decades, Simon Boadle has built solar swimming pool heaters at his Sunbather Pool Technologies plant at Hastings on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

But for someone in the renewable energy business, Mr Boadle has concerns about the potential effects of the proposed carbon tax. He wrote to Julia Gillard to express his fears that about half of his company’s 60 employees’ jobs would be lost because of cheaper production from China.

No need to thank us, China. 🙄



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