Climate round-up

Just a few stories floating around:

EU Carbon market set to collapse – again. Forecast revenues in disarray.

No, we’re not getting more storms yet another study confirms.

Back when climate science wasn’t corrupted: 1979 study: Warming until 2000 then cooling. 😆

Cow farts not as bad as we thought… to the tune of 33% less.

More Aussie PM Gillard lies exposed.


A bit of welcome sense out of the Korea Times: Jay Ambrose:

So how do you deal with all the missed climate forecasts, among them the computer simulations that make throwing darts blindfolded seem more scientific?

You heed Camping. After his prophecy went poof, the 89-year-old minister went on his California radio show, said there was a “spiritual” judgment May 21 and revealed the world would definitely conclude its business Oct. 21.

Likewise, the computer simulators are ever revising content, rearranging old prognostications to comply with past reality and telling us that if not all transpired exactly as they originally said, stay tuned. It will next time.

The moral of this tale is not that we should rule out the possibility of serious danger posed by global warming that may have been largely instigated by humankind, but that our ignorance is far greater than facile talk of a “scientific consensus” would have you believe. Wrong responses could be more disastrous than warming, with no effect on thermometers.

Many get it, I think, that a hard landing could await us if we leap before a lot more calm, careful, apolitical looking, and alarmists should understand that ranting about doomsday afflictions will bring few to the faith.

Hear! Hear!

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