Live cattle exports suspended

If you haven’t seen the Four Corners report from last night, here’s the link.

THE Federal Government has moved to suspend live animal exports to a number of killing facilities in Indonesia.

Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig said the decision was based on footage collected by Animals Australia that showed cattle being mistreated before slaughter.

“I have decided to halt the trade of live animals to the facilities identified by the footage,” he said today.

The ABC reports the halt will apply to the 11 abattoirs exposed in last night’s Four Corners program.

This comes after calls from Independent MP Andrew Wilkie and Senator Nick Xenephon to ban the live export trade completely. Prominent Australian blogger Andrew Bolt has also called for the trade to be stopped instantly.

Agreed, although one feels this won’t happen, not when the live export trade is worth about $1 billion dollars a year, employs 10,000 people, and Indonesia makes up 60% of Australia’s live cattle export market.

So far, we’re looking at an inquiry and just those 11 Indonesian abattoir’s being denied our business. Several bloggers have suggested Australia build, staff and maintain its own abattoirs in Indonesia.

Agreed, but why stop there? Is anyone seriously thinking only 11 abattoirs in the entire world that process Australian meat are doing so in such a barbaric manner?

Meanwhile, Indonesia calls for calm.

I implore anyone to watch that special report and feel calm. not.gonna.happen.

More here.

PS The argument by some of the Indonesians in the report that an animal cannot be stunned if its meat is to be halal is utter nonsense.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • May 31st, 2011

    G’day. That was a harsh reality check last night on 4Corners, wasn’t it?. I’m glad you posted about it, BB. To be honest, I had just typed out a comment over at Bolta’s, which I thought was far too long. Probably because I haven’t had much to say here lately, or anywhere infact. Then my dog, JB (Jealous Bitch), jumped on my arm, which in turn hit the keyboard, which hit ‘the Esc’ key, which cleared everything in the comment box and then I couldn’t get it back. Grrr! Poor bitch, she just wants some attention. I’ll take her for a walk to make up. Yours’ is a much better forum for my comment anyway, BB. I should have checked here first!

    Anyway… That was so tragic last night on 4Corners. I love my T-Bone steak, I do. I also love animals. I will first admit this. Towards the end of the 4C episode, when the black cow was noticably trembling in terror after seeing and knowing it was about to be slaughtered, skinned and dismembered the same way the three before it were brutally slain; I cried. I cried in pity. I mourned for the distress that poor animal had just been subjected to. I cried at the horror. I cried with shame. I cried at the terror that poor animal endured before the end of its life, after being treated with kindness and respect in our own county, only to meet with such an undignified end. I couldn’t imagine, myself, being subjected to the reality about to face that defenseless animal. My god, what is wrong with the people who do this for a living, or as a religious belief? How can they be so cruel? This, is what is wrong with Islam. This is the barbarism the West finds unacceptable. So why would any Western county condon our livestock having to endure such a senseless and inhumane murder.

    A bolt to the head, which the animal doesn’t see coming, is humane, The animal has been treated well all its life in Australia by the farmers. For Australian animals to meet such a horrific end after all the care to raise and transport Australian cattle and meeting our high export standards is simply unacceptable and highlights the barbarianism of Islam.

    In my opinion. We should cancel all licences immediately to any country that does not dispose of the live cattle in an humane way in accordance of the beliefs and treatment of animals in this country. Australian government should guarantee current cattle farmers the same or better price for their cattle per head, even if this means cattle are only for consumption on the Australian market.

    Halal, should be outlawed in Australia. Including our produce destined for the offshore market. It is barbaric. Our society does not live within medieval rule. Our output should represent our social values and not concede to barbaric, cruel and inhumane treatment of animals. Even if we are going to eat them!

    An angle not covered by 4Corners. How are animals killed in Australian abattoirs by the “Halal” method? Such as what we witnessed in Indonesia? Does this happen in Australia today?

    Fuck their religion if this is what Islam represents? Cruel, inhumane slaughter? I say, No. Piss off back to where you came. Outlaw Halal in Australia and stop its produce being sold anywhere in the world Australian standards are not met. How’s that for a principle? From now on, I will only buy my meat from butchers who prepare the stock humanly. Goodbye Coles. Good ridence Halal. Hello Australian made and produced.

    Oh, and btw Juliar, I say No to your Carbon Dioxide Tax. Stick your cardon tax up the same place Muslims can stick their Halal. You dirty rotten communist inhumane bastards. I think that about covers my feeling on the matter.

    • To be fair, and you know I’m not the biggest fan of Islam, what they were doing wasn’t even halal. For starters, it’s perfectly fine to stun the cattle and still make a halal kill which according to Islamic law must be a single deep, precise slice to the throat with a sharp blade.

      Hacking away at the poor beast’s throat up to 33 times, not to mention kicking the cow and gouging it’s eyes and nostrils has no part in a proper halal kill.

      A better reason not to go to Coles would be to support your local butcher who’ll probably end up becoming your friend.

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