Watching Alan Jones

So the top radio commentator has already been taken to court by Leftists activist group and ALP apparatchiks, GetUp, and now the media watchdog wants to investigate him over his views on climate change and PM Gillard’s mad carbon (dioxide!) tax.

Get real.

As recently as last Tuesday, Jones has had prominent scientists on his show such as Professors Bob Carter, Tim Ball and Richard Lindzen.

Apparently, the watchdog is fine with other celebrities and politicians using inaccurate and deceptive terms such as “carbon pollution” but quoting science is a no-no.

I notice, too, in Bob Beale’s SMH opinion piece (not gonna bother linking), he notes Jones too went down the 0.04% x 5% x 3% x 1.5% road that I did in the post below, before comparing atmospheric human CO2 to a few beers (had Bob had a few?).

Would you believe if I said I dreamt that up myself before hearing that Jones has used it too?

Anyway, what is so wrong with the logic of that, especially when we’re talking about a trace gas that’s essential to most life on the planet?

Regardless, who knows what they’ll dream up next, so let’s have a listen to Jones speak with Bob Carter while we still can.

  1. Hi,
    Yes I read this article in the paper this morning, and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. What a lot of BS that article was. If they are going to have a go at Alan Jones, they will have to be very careful what they say, because the ABC among a heap of others have been telling lies about the science for years. This would be a very interesting case in a court of law. I can just see, Bob Carter, in the witness stand telling all and sundry how misinformed the PM is and how ridiculous her clams are.

    On another note, I have heard that Lord Mockton will be coming back to OZ in June – July, does anyone have a link to where he will be speaking? I heard he will be touring with Jo Nova, but I can’t find anything on her web site. Would really appreciate any information about this. Thank You.

  2. Completely off-topic, but I love the new theme.

    • Cheers. Wanted it basically the same yet a bit personalised; saw a few blogs with the same old banner.

      A free bucket of CO2 if you can tell what that new banner is. Hint: it ain’t that cryptic.

      Added a few gizmo’s, too… and have “edited” your posts at Tizona’s to see how you get those lil mini photos in…

      • A map of Korea, laid sideways, with the “dark” North and well-lit up South?

          • bingbing
          • June 3rd, 2011

          Ding-dong-dang!!! Also note the dark bit is on the Left and the lit up bit is on the Right, and that I mainly see things as black and white, but there’s always a hint of grey, but also, these days there’s essentially about a 50/50 split between the Left and the Right. Hey, why not add some Ying Yang crap, too? 😉

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