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Climate Change Macht Frei

Wow, they’re getting desperate – and dangerous – now. Tattooing Jews climate change “deniers”?

First of all, Richard Glover, no one is a climate change denier, and regular people rightly worried about their jobs and their families and friends would appreciate not being condescendingly called boneheads*.

Many of us would appreciate your mob cease fantasising about various other tortures you seem hell-bent to inflict on your fellow man. In return, all we ask is that you shut up.

Climate has always changed – naturally – and what we are seeing now is well within the limits of natural variability.

Yes, we have some impact, but it is negligible. For instance, if Julia’s carbon tax actually does reduce our CO2 output by 5% by 2020 (unlikely), that will amount to removing 0.000000009 bit of the atmosphere, those 0.000000009 bits being CO2, and essential life-giving trace gas.

The following question is particularly interesting, however (after you get past his Goebbels-eque initial vitriol).

Is it possible to get the politics out of the climate-change debate?

No it isn’t, Richard, because this debate – at least from the “alarmist” side – has absolutely nothing to do with science or the environment, and everything to do with politics.

This “debate” is tearing our country and our culture apart. Assuming we don’t go ahead with this cultural and economic suicide – and for what, a gesture??? – Julia Gillard will surely go down as the most divisive, destructive, indeed the worst Prime Minister ever.

In the future, with any luck, she’ll be thanking her lucky stars her Labor mates of the past scrapped the treason laws.

Sadly, this hobby pundit would not be surprised if blood isn’t eventually spilled over this.

*You’ll attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

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