Climate of lies [updated]

The Huffington Post dutifully puts up the following misleading headline.

“Natural Disasters Displaced 42 Million In 2010; Climate Change Could Be Factor, Experts Say”

First up, what they really mean is man-made climate change, and more specifically man-made global warming. Pity then that the running temperature average is currently falling.

Then there’s this in the article:

The intensity and frequency of extreme weather events is increasing, and this trend is only set to continue. With all probability, the number of those affected and displaced will rise as human-induced climate change comes into full force,” said Elisabeth Rasmusson, the secretary general of the Norwegian Refugee Council.

A refugee advocate is now an expert on climate change. And not just one…

Speaking at the Oslo conference, U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres called the issue of climate-related displacement “the defining challenge of our times” and criticized the international community for lacking the political will to reduce to pace of climate change.

There is increasing evidence to suggest that natural disasters are growing in frequency and intensity and that this is linked to the longer-term process of climate change,” Guterres said.


That’s the latest graph from Dr. Ryan Maue, PhD, at Florida State University’s Deptartment of Meteorology. It shows the “[l]ast 4-decades of Global Tropical Storm and Hurricane frequency”.

Yes, they are becoming less frequent.

One could hardly argue that’s the case with media reports.

They are also becoming on average less intense as the following graph clearly demonstrates.

So that’s two, er, untruths in one sentence debunked by real empirical evidence.

Heck, even National Geographic reports global warming will result in less hurricanes and the like.

And as for climate refugees, the UN has already been caught red-handed making wild predictions about “climate refugees” that turn out to be completely false and then hiding the evidence.

All in all, shame on the HuffPo and the UN. Their assertions have already been proved utterly wrong and yet they continue to repeat the Big Con.

PS In related news, the Big Con continues; your tax dollars are being earmarked to go to the Palestinian Territory to… fight climate change.

What? Eco-friendly rockets?

They may well be in need of aid for a swathe of problems (many self-inflicted), but to fight climate change hardly seems one of their most pressing problems.

HuffPo also dutifully reports the so-called death threats Aussie climate “scientists” have received. It’s also in the Atlantic with this deceptive added touch:

Andrew Bolt, who works for a network co-owned by a mining executive…

Anyway, low blows aside, neither article actually tells the reader what the supposed death threats are.

That’s a pity because they’re rude, yes, but not actually death threats at all.

One final word from Dr Maue:

June 7, 2011 Global Tropical Cyclone Frequency has fallen to the lowest levels in recorded history. Only 64-tropical cyclones were recorded during the 12-month period from June 2010-May 2011. And, as most have noticed, it is very quiet — with only one development likely in the Eastern Pacific (Adrian) during the next 10-days.

H/T s_dog and Thumbnail in comments at Blair’s Lair.


Tim Blair follows up on the dubiousness of those so-called death threat claims.

  1. Hi,
    It would be nice just once if the MSM would publish what a lot of other scientists around the world are saying, and give people that don’t know any different a look into what others are actually saying instead of just seeing one side all the time.
    I was wondering how long it would be before someone somewhere said:- “Andrew Bolt, who works for a network co-owned by a mining executive” honestly these people that write this sort of thing really do need to get a life.

  2. The people who want to hobble first-world economies with crippling taxes on carbon dioxide emissions, and use the plight of the world’s poor to do so, have lied so many times about so many things that my default setting is now to disbelieve anything they come out with. 42 billion people, really? And these 42 billion people would have been better off somehow if Australians and Americans had to pay more for basic electricity and everything which requires cheap, reliable power to produce? Really?

    You should pass this one to Gavin, see what he makes of it.

    • I think I will. And I think you mean “million”. Not gonna be too hard, though. Our present government spends billions as if they were millions.

      • Ah ha ha. Yes, “million.” 42 billion is our NBN. What is it with the number 42 anyway?

        • Well, it’s the answer to everything of course. Or perhaps 43 is the new 42. There’s a story behind that but it’ll have to wait until after lunch.

  3. “…Andrew Bolt, who works for a network co-owned by a mining executive…

    That’s the latest Journo-List talking point. Not surprising HuffPo picked it up.

    I spotted it at the Guardian about a week ago as well. This is one of the most deranged spittle-flecked pieces I’ve seen there for a while – as I commented at Tim’s, they’ve got about five narratives going all in the one piece. Mining! Big Oil! Muuuuurdoch! Shock Jocks! Andrew Bolt! Tony Abbott! Monckton! Hate Media! Stupid Aussie Rednecks! Gina Rinehart Gina Rinehart Gina Rinehart [insert 2-Minute Hate]!

    How mining and media distort Australia’s carbon tax debate: Mining magnate Gina Rinehart’s influence is being felt in Australia’s carbon tax battle through TV and newspapers

    What’s really telling is the number of Lefties on twitter who have picked up & are repeating the new truism that “Bolta is Gina Rinehart’s bitch!!11!!” – this is the same crew who went mental over a lone anonymous protester (who may have been a plant anyway, as no-one knew him) making a similar observation re. Julia Gillard & Bob Brown a while back.


    • Yes. That poster. Missed out on a link from Tim because of that poster. Sigh.

      The damage is most likely done with the “death threat” claim being parroted as fact around the global media.


      That said, Mum reckons just let ’em keep talking. The more they do, the more they write their own death warrant… er, so to speak.

        • Merilyn
        • June 9th, 2011

        Now yopu have done it……….they will take that as a threat. Always listen to your mother.

          • Merilyn
          • June 9th, 2011

          Drat that should be you, not yopu, [fingers are frozen it is so cold here]. Will now go put the heater on.

  4. I left a couple of comments using my Twitter account rather than my WordPress account, and they’re stuck in moderation 😦

    • Found and fixed. With any luck, twitter comments should get through OK now… you know WP… but then again, you know WP.

      Regardless, it’s all checked reasonably often most times and unless you morph into a gay black nazi for Christ, it shouldn’t ever be too long.

      Try the twitter one again, and if it’s still fucked, go the WP account.

      Live blogging is King.

        • J.M. Heinrichs
        • June 9th, 2011

        Spot is a Gay Black Nazi?????
        I thought he was just self-contented.


        • You didn’t know?

          • Hey. Who you callin’ a Nazi? ;-P

              • Sean of Deer Park
              • June 9th, 2011

              Hey, TG… er… Spot. What kind of Dog are you? Them’s not fightin words, just wondering.

              You’re obviously not a Doberman Pinscher, nor would I think a German Sheppard from this post. A Mongrel; some may say. *slyly*

              I would, as they’re my favourite (Mongrels) and my old Grandpa would have laughed at your musings and said “You little beauty. What a mongrel! What a ripper!”

              That is a complement, Spot. I had the State name a Park after my Grandpa. Much respect. Bolta even put it in his “Tips for the-day”, as an update. So, I’m not trying to pull yer leg. So don’t yelp.

              What kind’a Dog are ya, Mate?

                • J.M. Heinrichs
                • June 10th, 2011



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