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So there’s a scientific debate going on, eh?

And the srsly srs, “The conversation”, is embarking on a two-week, er, conversation about the we’re-killing-the-planet-with-a-trace-gas-that-is-mostly-naturally-emitted barrage of timely, er, conversation.

From them:

Climate change is real, we are causing it, and it is happening right now.

Clauses one and three no-one has a problem with. But as for clause two: We are causing it?

There must be about 60 scientists who’ve signed up in support of that one.

Meanwhile, since this is meant to be a conversation, let’s converse.

About a month ago, about 1000 scientists gathered in Canada with the general theme being…


In a keynote presentation entitled Human-induced climate change: Why I am skeptical, Plimer completely dismantled the greenhouse-gas-driven climate-change hypothesis. He showed how climate has varied naturally on all time scales and how recent changes are not unusual. Plimer explained the lack of meaningful correlation between the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) and planetary warming and cooling, and how “climate models throw no new light on climate processes.” He concluded, “Pollution kills, CO2 is plant food, H2O vapour is the main greenhouse gas…. Humans can adapt to future changes.”

Following Plimer were 14 other climate presentations by leading geoscientists. Henrik Svensmark of the National Space Institute in Denmark spoke about how cosmic ray variations in the atmosphere are influencing climate by changing the microphysics of clouds. University of Ottawa emeritus professor Ján Veizer presented his research describing the role of the Sun and water vapour on CO2 and climate change. Calgary geophysicist Norm Kalmanovitch showed how satellite radiation measurements demonstrate that the “enhanced greenhouse effect” from greenhouse gas emissions has never even existed to any measurable extent. Carleton University researcher Hafida El Bilali showed how her work with paleoclimatologist professor Tim Patterson revealed that variations in the output of the Sun have had major influences on regional climate for the past nine millennia.

And so it continued.

Yes, it is continuing.

There is a real scientific debate going on out there, and to conclude political policy (political policy that’s taught as scientific fact in our schools) when such scientific – and yes now political – debate further brims, is akin to a naive five year old concluding his last ice cream was sufficient for his daily dietary intake.

Polar bear numbers are up, not down. Hurricanes etc are down, not up.

But whatever.

When CO2 makes up 0.04% of the atmosphere, and our (all human) total contribution of CO2 makes up about 0.001% of the atmosphere, and when 95% of greenhouse gases are natural water vapour (steam), just quit it already.


I am Amethyst Thunder. Hear me roar!

So I was aimlessly wandering around the Intertubes this arvo when I stumbled upon – a good little site of various musings maintained by Dale, an IT professional down in Melbourne (and which also has a lot of handy IT tips for computer dumbasses like me).

That is not the point of this post, however.

So anyway, his small blogroll led me to Andrea Harris’ Spleenville. I hadn’t checked it out for a while, so I thought why not.

Again, that’s not the point of this post, either.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few days – or perhaps are a regular person as opposed to a blogger – you’ve no doubt heard about the drunk-at-the-time middle-aged men who created a far-Left lesbian hoax site* that reined many a progressive in hook, line and sinker (they seem to like that).

So yes, Tim Blair invited readers today to come up with their lesbian names. And thanks to Andrea because she linked to…

The Lesbian Identity Finder

So go ahead dear readers. Find your Inner Lesbian and share her with us in comments below.


Amethyst Thunder xox


*or something like that

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