Green energy: The Big Con

First up, if you think the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a scientific body rather than a political body with outcomes predetermined by ecotard government policy makers, then you are a moron.

This is especially telling when you have activists like Greenpeace writing key reports for them.

THE United Nation’s peak climate change body has become embroiled in new controversy over its use of Greenpeace and renewable energy industry propaganda in a landmark study on alternative energy.

More cartoons by Josh can be found here.

Click me for the full story.

H/T s_dog, Australian Climate Madness, and Watts Up With That

  1. Hi,
    It certainly is the Big Con. I can’t understand why the greenies are not up in arms over the killing of so many birds, as far as I can tell they haven’t said anything about it at all. It is disgraceful these huge monsters on our landscape, and for what, they are totally useless.

    I love the cartoon.

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