Julia’s solar whimsy

And I say “whimsy” because so many of Aussie PM Julia Gillard’s ideas are at best cute, and certainly not thought through. Take the BER, take the live cattle trade to Indonesia, the detention centres in East Timor and PNG that will never be, the Deal or No Deal with Malaysia… the list goes on.

And now this:

TWO of the largest solar power stations in the world will be built in NSW and Queensland, the federal government said today.

More than three quarters of a billion dollars in federal funding will go towards the building of the stations, which will be at Moree in northwest NSW and Chinchilla in Queensland.

Making the announcement in Sydney,  Energy Minister Martin Ferguson said the projects were expected to generate enough power to support the electricity needs of more than 115,000 Australian homes every year.

So that’s $750,000,000+ for 115,000+ homes. Or just over $6500 per home, with higher electricity prices to come. That’s not a good deal.

And just look at what Spain’s giant foray into solar energy did for its economy. Hint: It was a disaster.

Also, when taking into account the sun’s energy output is thought to be going into a low-output cycle that could last decades (sunspots baby) thus potentially delivering a colder climate*, it doesn’t seem especially precocious to be relying on it big time for our energy needs, not with the current level of development with solar panel technology, anyway.

Further reading on why solar power and other renewables won’t work can be found here.

*Sure, no one conclusively <i>knows</i> whether a colder sun will produce a colder climate, but at a glance it makes sense – certainly more sense that blaming the Earth’s climate changes on Man’s output of an essential trace gas, CO2, of which said output contributes to 0.001% of the atmosphere.


  1. Hi,
    I read a comment awhile ago now (can’t remember from where) and they said:- “Whoever controls the electricity controls everyones lives” I thought how true that was.

    As far as this ridiculous idea for QLD and NSW, just more wasted money, for nothing, do they actually believe some of the crap they say about these so called “green energy” idea. I don’t see anything green about them at all, the amount of land it will take up, and the harm to the wildlife for nothing. Just imagine if our tax dollars were not being spent on these ridiculous things, OZ would certainly be in a better standing financially than we are now, and that also applies for other Countries as well.

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