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Climate scientists fudge data.

(OK. So it’s not really news.)


Under Gaia?

That the nation shall, under Gaia, have a new birth of freedom?

The Corner’s take.

Tipping point

Even Green groups don’t like the IPCC.

William Pentland:

If you haven’t yet heard, hell froze over last week. Oddly enough, this is likely to be bad news for a warming planet.

Last Monday, more than 125 environmental groups sent a scathing letter to Rajendra Pachauri, the Nobel prize-winning head of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the institutional nerve center within the United Nations’ global-warming juggernaut.

The letter accused the IPCC of taking climate change ‘too’ seriously. In particular, the letter argued that the IPCC had no authority to sponsor a small meeting of climate scientists taking place tomorrow in Lima, Peru. The meeting will consider so-called “geo-engineering” options for responding to worst-case scenarios of catastrophic climate change.

By attacking the IPCC for responding to the risks of climate change too aggressively, the letter marks a major pivot in the politics of climate change, which have officially crossed into the twilight zone.

Hello? Julia?

Meanwhile, let’s compare the Federation of Australian Science and Technological Societies CEO, Anna-Maria Arabia, to a scientist who has considerably more credentials.


Gillard wants to tax us for our 0.00015% contribution to the atmosphere. It’s not man-made climate change but rather that which is really dangerous.

A dish best served cold


THE renegade Afghan National Army soldier who shot dead Australian Digger Lance Corporal Andrew Jones has been tracked down and killed.

Hopefully, The Australian fixes its copy soon, too.

It is understood that Lance Corporal Jones was shot at random by the soldier as he walked out of his accommodation at a base in Afghanistan’s Chora Valley today.

Jones was, of course, shot May 30th.

Just let us have a damn say!

Although promising not to, the Gillard government wants to enact the biggest change on the Australian economy, via a carbon (dioxide!) tax, since the GST.

Today, Tony Abbott suggested a plebiscite meaning every Australian voter would get a real chance to vote Yes or No.

This is the only fair way to go about it.

But the government is saying No, the two gargantuan egos that are the “Independents” Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott, aren’t saying Yes or No so far, and Greens Leader Bob Brown, formerly a fan of plebiscites, is also saying No.

According to a NineMSM poll, however, about seven out of every eight Australians is saying Yes.

Granted that’s not a scientific poll, but it will be very interesting when a proper one comes out.

What are Gillard and Co. so worried about? A plebiscite isn’t a compulsory vote, nor is it binding as is the case in a general election and/or referendum.

Their stance is the antithesis to democracy.

[slightly edited]

Nice try

So, Tony Jones doesn’t mind having plants in his audience. And yes, who else thought something was up when Guy Pearce’s stunt double said, “[global warming’s] just a theory, like gravity.” No one on the qanda panel did, however.

Regardless… BUSTED!

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