Tipping point

Even Green groups don’t like the IPCC.

William Pentland:

If you haven’t yet heard, hell froze over last week. Oddly enough, this is likely to be bad news for a warming planet.

Last Monday, more than 125 environmental groups sent a scathing letter to Rajendra Pachauri, the Nobel prize-winning head of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the institutional nerve center within the United Nations’ global-warming juggernaut.

The letter accused the IPCC of taking climate change ‘too’ seriously. In particular, the letter argued that the IPCC had no authority to sponsor a small meeting of climate scientists taking place tomorrow in Lima, Peru. The meeting will consider so-called “geo-engineering” options for responding to worst-case scenarios of catastrophic climate change.

By attacking the IPCC for responding to the risks of climate change too aggressively, the letter marks a major pivot in the politics of climate change, which have officially crossed into the twilight zone.

Hello? Julia?

Meanwhile, let’s compare the Federation of Australian Science and Technological Societies CEO, Anna-Maria Arabia, to a scientist who has considerably more credentials.


Gillard wants to tax us for our 0.00015% contribution to the atmosphere. It’s not man-made climate change but rather that which is really dangerous.

  1. Tipping point – heading in the right direction. There’s only so long a big lie like manmade climate change can last.

    Good thing climate change fearmongering is dying out, and climate change alarmists have got the blues, due to ‘‘inexplicable’ winter cold snaps, and data that show that manmade global warming is neither manmade, nor global, nor warming.

    [apologies this wasn’t put up at the time of posting. WP gremlins had put it in the spam queue – bing]

    • Australia had it’s coldest winter in over a decade last year. This year is shaping up to be a cold one, too. Government reponse? Introduce a carbon tax to stop global warming.


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