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Never upset the cat

Because the cat no-likey…

Via His Excellency, Lord Bongwater.

I love how the other cat is like, “Dude. Woah! WTF?! Chillax. Steady. Back off. Chill. What is this?! Runs protection. Tries to diffuse. There’s surely an explanation. No one wants a lawsuit! Follows up.”


The leftist mind

Rogue Operator takes a squiz:

What the left hates above all else is a person with dignity and self-respect. This may seem like a counter-intuitive or unfair statement.  But the argument for this claim turns on reason, and the proper employment of language.

In the leftist’s view, all those who do not share his grand vision believes himself to be “above” society. Those who stand outside his group, and desire not to be a part of it, is condemned by the leftist as someone who feels himself to be “above” it.

This petty, juvenile contempt translates into a hatred of “hierarchy,” or “patriarchy”; and thus, intentionally or unintentionally, of order in society. It must be pointed out that a modicum of order is necessary for true freedom.

True freedom means an individual decides what to do with his life; this is in fundamental opposition to the totalitarian leftist’s plans for that individual.  A person is just a means to an end for the leftist, and has no inherent value in and of himself.

A must read.

One is reminded of our current government.

We want a plebiscite.

We don’t want a carbon tax .

It was promised we wouldn’t receive one.

We have a leader who lies to each and every one of us for the supposed good of the nation and indeed the world.

In short, we want democracy again.

Dangerous climate change!

Man, it must be something else for you poor mugs who actually live in Australia. Every time you guys turn on the radio (assuming it’s not NovaFM), or flick on the news, I’m guessing there’s some talking head going on about “dangerous climate change”.

No matter no one doesn’t believe the climate changes. Pity our climate isn’t anywhere bloody near being dangerous. Interesting that  man-made CO2 at 0.001% of the atmosphere hasn’t  been (and probably can’t be) proved to do anything significant.


Day in, day out, I’m guessing you have to endure someone or other, sans qualifications, repeating the “dangerous climate change” mantra.

There was the human wacky inflatable arm flailing tube man, Peter Garret, on Q&A last week…

bletch, snarg, blaaarrf dangerous climate change blag hrrrg!

That other ALP bloke on Bolt’s Sunday show…

nomnomnomnom dangerous climate change nombllllb.”

And then the Bogan Queen (with a manufactured fake accent picked up from Slater and Gordon) herself all the time…

puuuuuuur durrrrrrr wuuuuuuur doinjuhrus cloimutt choinge boooooooaaaaaaag.”

Sympathy abounds. Hang in there guys.

Q&A: gen-Y edition

TBH, it was one of the better Q&A episodes. On the “right” we had Ruslan Kogan and James Paterson, a millionaire internet entrepreneur and a member of a think tank respectively. On the “left” we had an activist, a comedian, and a music journo.*


You know, sometimes this not-so-humble blogger gets a bit despondent. As an “old” gen-Yer in the international ESL teaching field who wishes he had the talent to write for The Hate Media™, one comes across a great deal of far-leftists. It’s a big reason why I vent my spleen on a blog platform (apart from wanting Andrew Bolt’s net income) so that when Saturday night comes around, I can just enjoy my drink, the people I meet, and not rabbit on about AGW etc. so much. (Hint: It goes down like a dead chunk of week-old whale meat lobbed from the Burj Khalifa unless I’m around trusted friends.)

Thus it was so refreshing to see that one isn’t as alone as one sometimes feels with regard to one’s general political stance (enough 1s?).

There were, naturally, the typical “not-thought-through” positions taken by young leftists, but it was bloody great to see some young rightists out there putting across some good sense that overall, actually went down reasonably well with an audience that was 50% gen-Y.

There’s hope yet my dear OLD readers! 😉

The episode.

Ps If only Tony Jones would quit running interference so often…


*To be fair, they didn’t make my ears grate as much as expected.

Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn was one of the stars of the MTV series and movies Jackass. For sure, Jackass isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I remember coming home after my first year in Korea. I was at a mate’s house, and he was talking about Jackass. I inquired what the heck he was on about. In stunned amazement, he asked, “You haven’t heard of Jackass?!?!


He put it on. I hadn’t laughed so hard in ages, especially since having recently been ripped off a few grand by a dodgy academy boss.

Ryan Dunn died yesterday in a car crash. He was 34.


That was Dunn in the chair being blown over by the jet engine.

In support of Free Speech

A healthy, functioning democracy has to have it. The Racial Vilification Act’s section 18C is a shocker. That one can be muzzled simply because the other feels offended is as ridiculous as it is dangerous. Steve Kates at Catallaxy notes “[i]f Bolt loses this case, every written record of what he had written on whatever the topic was that got him into so much trouble will disappear down the memory hole, irretrievable in any form from any source.”

The memory hole, as described in 1984, where any undesired information disappears, indeed.

So thanks to the IPA for putting on last night’s sold out event. Hang in there, Andrew Bolt.

Speaking of not being able to have one’s say, Senator Steve Feilding is an a$$hole for squashing that plebiscite that would have asked us if we want a carbon tax.

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