Dangerous climate change!

Man, it must be something else for you poor mugs who actually live in Australia. Every time you guys turn on the radio (assuming it’s not NovaFM), or flick on the news, I’m guessing there’s some talking head going on about “dangerous climate change”.

No matter no one doesn’t believe the climate changes. Pity our climate isn’t anywhere bloody near being dangerous. Interesting that  man-made CO2 at 0.001% of the atmosphere hasn’t  been (and probably can’t be) proved to do anything significant.


Day in, day out, I’m guessing you have to endure someone or other, sans qualifications, repeating the “dangerous climate change” mantra.

There was the human wacky inflatable arm flailing tube man, Peter Garret, on Q&A last week…

bletch, snarg, blaaarrf dangerous climate change blag hrrrg!

That other ALP bloke on Bolt’s Sunday show…

nomnomnomnom dangerous climate change nombllllb.”

And then the Bogan Queen (with a manufactured fake accent picked up from Slater and Gordon) herself all the time…

puuuuuuur durrrrrrr wuuuuuuur doinjuhrus cloimutt choinge boooooooaaaaaaag.”

Sympathy abounds. Hang in there guys.

  1. Hi,
    You are spot on, it is beyond belief the crap about climate change, and it is on every TV station, including radio, it is absolutley terrible on the ABC, every second word is about climate change, I really am sick and tired of hearing about it, and I’m sure others are also switching off.

    Labor is going at this strong, and making up more and more stuff, I wonder how many are actually falling for it all though. I listened today to Alan Jones opion piece on MTR, and it really was fantastic, he went on about how the temputure has dropped to record lows, and he named a lot of places o/seas and in Australia, it was good stuff, but I assume nobody from the left was listening.

    It would be great if we could have a vote on the carbon tax, but I can’t see it happening, one thing it has proved, is that I feel it is now official we are being ruled by a dictatorship and not a PM. An unelected PM should not be able to bring in law that will change the whole economy of a Country, they should have a mandate.

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • June 21st, 2011

      All so true, Mags. I cant watch the ABC anymore, too frustrating. The commercial networks are no better when it comes to News. The Bolt Report is some salvation at least. 😆

      Alan Jones is good value most of the time. Otherwise, we the people are on our own and have to stand up wherever possible (such as on these pages) to have our say. I can’t recall a time when what the average Joe on the street is saying is so at odds with what the government is pushing. You are right to say we are living in a dictatorship. I worry about my daughters future and what will become of Australia long after I’m 6′ under.

      We seem to be living in a time where history is being rewritten, science hypothesis is predetermined by politics and introduced cultures have more importance than our own. It is a huge fight we are up against and I think we are only at Round Four. So, turn the tele off, put your boxing gloves on and blog, blog, blog. There is safety in numbers!

      • Irony in music. What goes around…

        F*ck you I won’t do what you tell me… hehehe.

          • J.M. Heinrichs
          • June 22nd, 2011


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