Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn was one of the stars of the MTV series and movies Jackass. For sure, Jackass isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I remember coming home after my first year in Korea. I was at a mate’s house, and he was talking about Jackass. I inquired what the heck he was on about. In stunned amazement, he asked, “You haven’t heard of Jackass?!?!


He put it on. I hadn’t laughed so hard in ages, especially since having recently been ripped off a few grand by a dodgy academy boss.

Ryan Dunn died yesterday in a car crash. He was 34.


That was Dunn in the chair being blown over by the jet engine.

  1. He was speeding, and drunk. And at age 34, his fatal stupidity can’t even be put down to his youth. No sympathy here, except for the pain his family must be feeling, which he himself was 100% responsible for causing.

    The only blessing is that unlike so many other thoughtless drunk drivers, he didn’t murder any innocents whilst writing himself off.

    He committed suicide, and could just as easily have committed homicide. He doesn’t deserve eulogising. Sorry.

    • At the time of posting, it was unknown that he was speeding and drunk (or on drugs). That said, it’s not really surprising.

      In light of that knowledge, I completely concur with you. I’m not in the habit of deleting posts so it’ll stay up, but do note, and I’ll say again, at the time of posting it was simply a case of someone I liked watching on TV being in a fatal car accident.

      Fair enough?

      • Oh, of course – I wasn’t whinging at your post so much as at some other virtual (online) shrines which have sprung up, and even some of the media coverage. Young people – males especially – are stupid enough without being presented with “role models” like this.

        • True. Have heart. Some of us young whippersnappers had the sense not to do anything toooooooo crazy, not that I was any James Paterson.

          YouTube’s gone nuts over him. One wonders how many of those shrinesters also think Green…

          • PS For someone who would have been a pretty decent drinker, 0.196 (what’s that, around half a bottle of whisky?) wouldn’t equate to being particularly drunk. I blame the speed more.

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