The leftist mind

Rogue Operator takes a squiz:

What the left hates above all else is a person with dignity and self-respect. This may seem like a counter-intuitive or unfair statement.  But the argument for this claim turns on reason, and the proper employment of language.

In the leftist’s view, all those who do not share his grand vision believes himself to be “above” society. Those who stand outside his group, and desire not to be a part of it, is condemned by the leftist as someone who feels himself to be “above” it.

This petty, juvenile contempt translates into a hatred of “hierarchy,” or “patriarchy”; and thus, intentionally or unintentionally, of order in society. It must be pointed out that a modicum of order is necessary for true freedom.

True freedom means an individual decides what to do with his life; this is in fundamental opposition to the totalitarian leftist’s plans for that individual.  A person is just a means to an end for the leftist, and has no inherent value in and of himself.

A must read.

One is reminded of our current government.

We want a plebiscite.

We don’t want a carbon tax .

It was promised we wouldn’t receive one.

We have a leader who lies to each and every one of us for the supposed good of the nation and indeed the world.

In short, we want democracy again.

  1. I followed his link from his post on your blog, and read some of his stuff. Not bad. My only disagreement is the “counter-intuitive” part. I can see where some would claim it is unfair, but it is not counter-intuitive. His thinking is deep, and from the minimal amount I have read, it seems accurate. But the paradox of deep thinking is that it is not obvious or simple, and therefore cannot be counter intuitive. Time permitting, I plan on engaging him more on this topic. But as I said, it is not a quickee that can be flippantly addressed.

    • Do pop over there again, Phil. There’s a decent debate going on.

    • elsie
    • June 22nd, 2011

    And then there are politicians like Steve Fielding, who pretend to be one thing and whose website rails against the Climate Change con, but then makes sure we can’t have the plebiscite about it. He is lower than a snake’s belly in my opinion.. In a few days he will be a has-been, but what a skunk!

    • Even his own party is furious at him. What a pathetic look-at-me stunt that completely sticks it to the nation. I’m no vicar, but that didn’t come across as particularly Christian.

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