Amanda Keller: you have officially ruined my childhood

She used to be so good on Beyond 2000. An inspiration.

To see her resort to leftist, pseudo-comedic pap, riddled with assumption and inaccuracies is a shame.

Seriously. Is this the level of the pro-AGW debate? Has-been comedians and presenters , scientists with heavy political connections and little scientific gravitas? Activists?


  1. Andrew Bolt is great. Why don’t these two miscreants get Bolt on the horn to shut them up?

    The envirolefties’ blase appeal to the authority of “scientists,” many of them social activists who are on the take for billions, is frankly boring. It reminds me of those infomercials where a product, let’s say, “GreenAway.” is demonstrated by some guy in a white coat and on the screen in big bold letters is “SCIENTIST” and underneath in tiny letters is a disclaimer: This endorsement is by a paid actor and is not intended to be a representation of findings from actual scientific research, nor is GreenAway responsible for any adverse effects or damages, including loss of income, disability, or even, injury and death.

    Notice again that these two clowns did not cite any evidence. They just appealed to authority. Such is the nature of the green racket.

    • What makes a totalitarian regime “strong” is deference to authority and conformity.

      What makes a democracy strong is dissent.

  2. Hi,
    Yes I watched this the other day, it does nothing for her image at all, I agree, I also liked her in 2000, but why on earth has got herself into this type of thing? I wonder if/when this carbon tax comes in, are Labor still going to bombard us with all the crap, my God it’s going to drive me crazy. 😡

    • I also liked her in 2000, but why on earth has got herself into this type of thing?

      Needs a job after real science left our TVs? Fancies herself as a comedian? She is laughable nowadays.

      The post title was tongue-in-cheek, but actually, in many ways it isn’t.

        • J.M. Heinrichs
        • June 22nd, 2011

        Fortunately, innocence was not involved?


        • At first, it used to be all cool stuff out of Japan etc., but as the years progressed, it did start slanting towards all this eco stuff. Was too young to realise I was being fed political pap back then. Just noticed the show was more boring, and the good segments were all too far apart.

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