Are moderate Muslims in the same boat, effectively, as climate change deniers?

Recently, the frollickingmole over at Tizona addressed the stoppage of the live cattle trade export to all Indonesian abattoirs after about 11 or 12 were found to be killing the animals in horrific circumstances.

Indeed, what we saw a few weeks ago was horrendous. (graphic content warning)

But back to mole’s post, and he put up a video of how an abattoir works in the West.

Sure, it’s still certainly not for the squeamish, but perhaps can be likened to Morgan Spurlock’s documentary Supersize Me.

That put many of us off McDonald’s for a bit, but isn’t it good if (that!) there’s some bacon lying around in the fridge (not that I want to cook it just this minute)?

That porcine video was indeed a bit different to what we all saw on 4corners. Very surgical, clinical.

So what’s all this have to do with terrorism, Islamic radicals, moderate Muslims, and (caused-by-humans) climate change, and its deniers?

First, there are many reasons to be concerned about fundamentalist Islam and Islamic terrorism, but halal killings ain’t one of them.

People worried about the barbarity of halal killings shouldn’t be. Even a primitive halal kill in some backwater, is a relatively quick and humane slaughter.

What we saw in Indonesia was NOT halal.

This is halal, in its most basic form (graphic content warning)

OK, so not as pleasant for some as watching Mama Mia, but not as arduous either (for others).

So no need to bag on Coles and Woolies etc. for the meat we consume possibly being halal, especially when it’s being done in modern Australian abattoirs akin to the one we just saw in England.

A proper halal killing is not barbaric (unless you’re a vegan), and we would do well to remember our outrage should be properly focused at those 11 or 12 disastrous abattoirs, NOT at all Indonesian abattoirs, not at Indonesia, not at Islam, and certainly not at all live exports regardless the animal.

If we don’t do live exports, poor people can’t eat meat. They don’t have the modern refrigeration capacity we have.

Thus it has been good to see many quietly backing away from their initial knee-jerk reaction to the 4corners video. It’s reassuring many are waking up to the fact some vested interests are manipulating this story for their own ends i.e. the people who want all meat banned, people who want trade stopped, people who want carbon footprints lowered, people who want a global population decrease, people who hate capitalism, people who want to control you, people who want a carbon tax (hey, the same government that stunned an industry also advocate that tax)…

Rallying against genuine Islamic threats is one thing, but denouncing Indonesia, halal, all Muslims etc. because of what we saw on that 4corners episode is folly.

When said attacks are poured upon Islam as a whole because of a handful of rotten butchers, we do many a regular person a disservice and only further embolden the extremists.

This is where the link between moderate Muslims and climate change deniers really becomes apparent.

But Islamic moderates never fight back, right? They never stand up to the tyrants and bullies amongst them. They condone it.

Sometimes I wonder, as with the ordinary Aussie drowning in the carbon debate, how can they stand up to the bullies and tyrants in their own global community? How can they be seen to not be condoning the radicals?

Have they been alienated within their own communities in a similar fashion to how climate sceptics have been in the West? Has their voice, nay, their whole “debate” been hijacked, too, by vested interests and radical activists?

To think, a modern Western citizen has to work hard to have a Voice. Imagine what it must be like for some regular Islamic bloke just trying to raise his family in what he has seen as or what could be – depending on location –  a better world.

Yes, there is genuine, very dangerous radical Islamic stuff out there, but go down to your local kebab shop and see how radical the bloke there is. Or even go to Summernauts, and, well, yes, you will see some radical Muslims down there…

But a different type of radical.

    • thefrollickingmole
    • June 23rd, 2011

    Not a lot different to slaughtering a sheep. Same process goes on at thousands of farms in Australia every week.

    The immediate loss of blood to the brain means death is quick,

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