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Monckton’s speech (yes, that one): What is the Green movement and what are its goals?

When you watch it in it’s entirety, it really does become apparent that the hoohar over the Monckton-vs-Garnaut Nazi claim is – can I be polite here? – utter bullshit.

At 50:35 you hear the “EEK! moment“, but even if you “can’t” watch the lot, at least scroll back to 49:40.

It’s under an hour you won’t regret.

On this wordpress platform, I’m sorry I cant put the video up here (believe me, I tried).

If anyone can convert that livestream platform in to something usable, that’d be great.



Monckton is a bad guy?

And Abbott, too, for wanting to associate with him?

THE federal government has used question time to stage an attack on Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s links to prominent climate change denier Christopher Monckton.

THE federal government has used question time to stage an attack on Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s links to prominent climate change denier Christopher Monckton.

Well, Julia, how about your links to global warming proponents who (jokingly?) fantasise about blowing the opposition up?

Indeed no faux-outrage on that from the Left but instead genuine laughter.


Net censoring begins

This does not bode well.

MOST Australian internet users will have their web access censored next month after the country’s two largest internet providers agreed to voluntarily block more than 500 websites from view.

Telstra and Optus confirmed they would block access to a list of child abuse websites provided by the Australian Communications and Media Authority and more compiled by unnamed international organisations from mid-year.

But internet experts have warned that the scheme is merely a “feel-good policy” that will not stop criminals from accessing obscene material online and could block websites unfairly.

Ah, yes. It’s for the kiddies. Don’t be bulled by that one. Any pedo with TOR will be able to get around that.

This isn’t a campaign against pedos. It’s a campaign against you, me*, and every other Australian. It’s a campaign that can, in theory, allow governments to flush down the memory hole, any information that the government-of-the-day doesn’t want you to see.

But before you skip over to Alex Jones’ site to catch the latest, remember this censorship will be done via the dictum of government.

I’ll give you an example. Installed on all the computers at any given Korean school is filtering software designed to protect the poor kiddies’ fragile minds.

There’s one problem, however. It doesn’t work. For example, at work, I’m blocked access to the Daily Telegraph but not its blogs section. I’m also denied access to sites such as the Guardian newspaper and

Yet I’m freely able to google “great tits“, and even peruse the notorious /b/NOT that I do at work, JFTR…**

All told, web censorship only amounts in multiple giant cock-ups that are nothing more than a frustrating inconvenience that neither serves nor protects anybody.

That said, governments of the future could well apply more sinister censorship in the future.

Web censorship is not a road any free society should want to journey down.

I’ll give Communications Minister Stephen Conroy the benefit of the doubt however at this stage and merely label him an ignorant, idealistic idiot.

I can not give such benefit to Fabian Socialists such as Julia Gillard and supposed climate science authority and ex (?) political stooge Anna-Maria Arabia, however.

And to think the government wants to, via the NBN, own our entire Internets in Australia.

Is that really a fair price to pay to get high speed a little before we otherwise would anyway?

*I’ll be back in Oz one day, I guess…

**It was a one-off test after being frustrated at not being able to click certain reputable blog links due to their stupid, useless filter.

Nanny statism in WA?

That’d be the last place in Australia one would have thought to find it. Any sandgropers care to fill us in on that one?

Geert Wilders acquitted: Bolt next?

Let’s hope the Australian courts have as much sense. Scrap article 18C of the Racial Vilification Act.

Geert Wilders, the Dutch far-right politician, has been acquitted of charges of hate speech and discrimination for statements he made attacking Islam.

Judge Marcel van Oosten told Mr Wilders, 47, who has been on trial in the Amsterdam regional court since last October, ruled that his statements were “acceptable within the context of the public debate”.

That free speech can be or attempted to be shut down in Australia, the Netherlands or Canada simply because someone else is offended is a stab in the back of a Free society.

And just how much did Wilders have to spend to defend his inalienable right? How much is Bolt having to spend for essentially defending all Australians’ right to free speech from those disposed to tyranny?


NineMSM merely reports that some are being called as such. Andy Semple at Menzies House has a quick squiz as to why.

Can’t wait to hear Monckton’s speech in full.



Another knee-jerk reaction from Andrew Bolt:

I’ll post my reply to Andrew here as getting comments through on his blog is like shooting blind. It’s doubtful he’ll read it here, but there’s probably more chance than if I wasted my time there only to later see my comment disappear down the memory hole.

Andrew, as with the live cattle trade video, you’ve overreacted. And I have to admit, with that video, I did, too, before, like you, sleeping on it, and then quietly backing away when realising the reality that banning the whole trade to Indonesia was taking precious food away from poor people, hurting hard-working Australian families, and crippling an entire industry.

Yes, it is a glaring image seeing Monckton standing there pointing to a swastika and juxtaposing that to Australian climate czar, Ross Garnaut.

But you yourself have spoken and written about eco-fascism! You have played the Hitler Youth song, “Tomorrow Belongs To Me”, you have made the link, countless times, between what we saw in Nazi Germany and what we are seeing now with the climate alarmists.

Of course the Left will bag Monckton, but they were always going to bag him anyway when he comes here soon. You know that. They know that. Monckton certainly knows that.

Monckton, as always, called a spade a spade. He made the same link you have many times before albeit in far more dramatic circumstances.

Hey, I know you’re made to opine on a lot of things pretty much non-stop. On your radio show last week, you noted yourself that you’re doing so much opining these days that it’s difficult to take a step back.

Do try.

Sleep on this tonight, check those comments in support on Monckton, and perhaps (hopefully) reappraise.


That comment was posted at 1:57 bingbing-time/2:57 Bolt-time on his blog. Who knows if it’ll get through, though. 🙄


Regardless, Monckton unreservedly apologises. You never hear the leftists do that!


Eco-hypocrites. Where was the Leftist rage before?

Wakeup2thelies gives us a timely reminder.

H/T #auspol

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