NineMSM merely reports that some are being called as such. Andy Semple at Menzies House has a quick squiz as to why.

Can’t wait to hear Monckton’s speech in full.



Another knee-jerk reaction from Andrew Bolt:

I’ll post my reply to Andrew here as getting comments through on his blog is like shooting blind. It’s doubtful he’ll read it here, but there’s probably more chance than if I wasted my time there only to later see my comment disappear down the memory hole.

Andrew, as with the live cattle trade video, you’ve overreacted. And I have to admit, with that video, I did, too, before, like you, sleeping on it, and then quietly backing away when realising the reality that banning the whole trade to Indonesia was taking precious food away from poor people, hurting hard-working Australian families, and crippling an entire industry.

Yes, it is a glaring image seeing Monckton standing there pointing to a swastika and juxtaposing that to Australian climate czar, Ross Garnaut.

But you yourself have spoken and written about eco-fascism! You have played the Hitler Youth song, “Tomorrow Belongs To Me”, you have made the link, countless times, between what we saw in Nazi Germany and what we are seeing now with the climate alarmists.

Of course the Left will bag Monckton, but they were always going to bag him anyway when he comes here soon. You know that. They know that. Monckton certainly knows that.

Monckton, as always, called a spade a spade. He made the same link you have many times before albeit in far more dramatic circumstances.

Hey, I know you’re made to opine on a lot of things pretty much non-stop. On your radio show last week, you noted yourself that you’re doing so much opining these days that it’s difficult to take a step back.

Do try.

Sleep on this tonight, check those comments in support on Monckton, and perhaps (hopefully) reappraise.


That comment was posted at 1:57 bingbing-time/2:57 Bolt-time on his blog. Who knows if it’ll get through, though. 🙄


Regardless, Monckton unreservedly apologises. You never hear the leftists do that!


Eco-hypocrites. Where was the Leftist rage before?

Wakeup2thelies gives us a timely reminder.

H/T #auspol

    • Merilyn
    • June 23rd, 2011

    I agree bing, it was another knee jerk reaction, he almost seemed a bit like a “drama queen”.
    I am looking at that comment from another angle, when you have Richard Glover and his comment about branding people, then Jill Singer, and others constantly calling people who don’t agree with them “deniers”, no wonder he came out with it, [possibly a bit over the top] but for some reason Andrew Bolt didn’t look at it from that perspective.

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • June 23rd, 2011

    Did Bolt give anuy reason why his feelings were being hurt when someone else was being pungently assessed? I am speaking as someone who has, in fact, some knowledge of how it works when malicious, and who isn’t certain that Lord Monckton was.


    • Not as such, and again to be fair, he was much calmer on the radio that how his post read. He essentially explained that Monckton’s general premise was correct, but that calling someone a Nazi lowered the tone too much.

      But as Merilyn noted, the past few weeks we’ve had to put up with suggestions of mandatory tattoos (lol, an apology/explanation popped up later for that, too) and the gas chamber.

      More seriously but, we are having a useless tax put on us that was not voted for. The will of the people has been usurped. Week in, week out, ever more draconian mandates are been foisted upon us against our will and apparently for our own good, with a wide-eyed crazed mob cheering it on.

      Those in power refuse to have their power questioned or challenged.

      I don’t know whether it feels more Orwellian or fascist but there are disturbing parallels to both.

      And yeeesss, Monckton was over the top but the cunning dog has planted a seed that won’t wither easily, and with effectively not spending a cent on promotion, everybody in Australia knows he’s coming.

      Whether that “cunning” was intentional is another story however.

        • Merilyn
        • June 23rd, 2011

        Bing Andrew Bolt has more now. Monckton’s apology.

        • It’s in update III. Been there for about four hours now. But thanks for the heads up, regardless since I hadn’t seen Bolt’s update.

          Trust Labor to try and worm some mileage out of Abbott. Keep grasping at those straws!

  1. Hi,
    What Monckton said was of course true, but I love his apology, he has in turn also asked for an apology, which I can not see happening. I just knew Tony was going to get hit over this, but he stuck to his guns and said he was still going to see Monckton.

    I felt Tony should of hit back about all skeptics being told we should gas ourselves, where was the uproar over that incident? I really hate these double standards, and it just seems to be getting worse.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • June 23rd, 2011

    An excellent post, BB. Bolta, has been very careful of late, hasn’t he? Covering his tracks, perhaps? I can’t say I blame him, considering his legal troubles and at the same time trying to expand his audience over Print, Radio and Television. I listened to this mornings MTR broadcast and could see his point. Still, what Monckton was saying may have been not so PC, but I think he was on the money. I suppose, Bolt, is attempting to not lower himself to the level of his opponents, which is frustrating but admirable.

    Mr Bolt will surely have Monckton on his show over the next couple of weeks. This is probably why he wants to distance himself from any ‘extreme’ viewpoints. To ensure certain people can’t use it against him.

    Andrew, needs to take the plunge and stick his neck out in regard to the climate debate, instead of dipping his toe in the water. He has been doing such a great job when compared to others, but now is not the time for fence sitting. We all have to be clear about what we think, why, and act accordingly. Bolta has been a shinning light in the AGW debate for years now, it’s time for him to put his money where his mouth is, so to speak. Blair, certainly is like a dog at a bone (god bless him, we love our Timbo). Blair is more likely to slide down the proverbial razor blade, smiling all the way! 😆

    (An aside, how come it is taking so long for a deliberation from the judge in Bolt’s case? Are the legal beagles dragging their heals to create this problem for Bolta; to keep him quiet and in his box? It seems strange it is taking so long for the trial to be finalised. )

    • Yeah, Bolt’s in a tricky position at the moment… and the stress is showing. It must be noted his tricky position is actually a test case for OUR tricky position.

      There is an attack happening right now on free discourse in what is supposed to be a free nation.

      Bolt has mentioned, that after a successful defense, he will have words to say.

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