Geert Wilders acquitted: Bolt next?

Let’s hope the Australian courts have as much sense. Scrap article 18C of the Racial Vilification Act.

Geert Wilders, the Dutch far-right politician, has been acquitted of charges of hate speech and discrimination for statements he made attacking Islam.

Judge Marcel van Oosten told Mr Wilders, 47, who has been on trial in the Amsterdam regional court since last October, ruled that his statements were “acceptable within the context of the public debate”.

That free speech can be or attempted to be shut down in Australia, the Netherlands or Canada simply because someone else is offended is a stab in the back of a Free society.

And just how much did Wilders have to spend to defend his inalienable right? How much is Bolt having to spend for essentially defending all Australians’ right to free speech from those disposed to tyranny?

  1. Hi,
    That is very good news about Wilders, it is ridiculous that it has come to having to defend yourself in court, a lot of money paid to Solicitors etc. for nothing as far as I’m concerned. People should grow up, sticks and stones, as I was taught when young.

  2. A writer over at WUWT explained “Free Speech” as practiced in the Commonwealth to us Colonialists. Sad to say, that your speech is not really a right (or free), but merely a privelege granted by government. It is good day for Free Speech that Geert was exhonerated. and will be another when Bolt is. But until free speech is institutionalized in your basic rights, it is only allowed based upon the passing fancy of politicians.

    • Technically true. We have “Freedom of Expression”.

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