Nanny statism in WA?

That’d be the last place in Australia one would have thought to find it. Any sandgropers care to fill us in on that one?

  1. Hi,
    OMG that is unreal, things are starting to get bad, lets see if the people will rise up over this, so many things are happening, and it just seems like people are sitting back taking it, we need to start making some noise.

    • When you add up all the various posts here, at Blair’s, Bolt’s etc., it really doesn’t paint a pretty picture of where we are headed, does it?

      We are making more and more noise, however. We’re taking to the social media, even rallying. New sites such as Menzies House have been set up, we’re seeing more of the IPA, Bolt’s on radio AND TV in addition to his evermore popular blog… and Labor is down to its worst ever support base of an unreal 27%.

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