The best Bolt Report… so far

An old Labor stalwart cuts to the chase on what’s gone bad with the party… and how to fix it.

Multiculturalism is discussed… without the “hyperbowl” nor the ideology.

Lord Monckton apologises (again) on air… then clinically rips into the bad science mixed with that reverence to authoritah that is the man-made global warming scam.

And… what a brilliant ending! 🙂

Part 2

Part 3

Go on the show, Ms Prime Minister!

  1. Hi,
    Oh Yes I agree. I watched it this morning on TV, and I also thought it was very good from start to finish. Everything about todays show was great, the panel was fantastic, a good variety of people, and I certainly hope Monckton doesn’t have to keep apologizing right throughout his tour.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • June 26th, 2011

    Agreed. An excellent show today. Thanks for posting the links, BB. I wanted to watch it again, which I will do tomorrow. Although I did watch this morning, I’m finding it hard to concentrate today as I had a bit of an accident with my kitchen bench last night and fractured my skull. 😆 It’s true, I am an idiot sometimes, I know! I have the headache from hell today and I blame, Juliar.

    The end of TBR was brilliant. I also thought. Bolt’s, introduction was outstanding.

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