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5 facts on global warming

Professor Bob Carter:

Fact 1. A mild warming of about 0.5 degrees Celsius (well within previous natural temperature variations) occurred between 1979 and 1998, and has been followed by slight global cooling over the past 10 years. Ergo, dangerous global warming is not occurring.

Fact 2. Between 2001 and 2010 global average temperature decreased by 0.05 degrees, over the same time that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels increased by 5 per cent. Ergo, carbon dioxide emissions are not driving dangerous warming.

Fact 3. Atmospheric carbon dioxide is beneficial. In increasing quantity it causes mild though diminishing warming (useful at a time of a quiet sun and likely near-future planetary cooling) and acts as a valuable plant fertiliser. Extra carbon dioxide helps to shrink the Sahara Desert, green the planet and feed the world. Ergo, carbon dioxide is neither a pollutant nor dangerous, but an environmental benefit.

Fact 4. Closing down the whole Australian industrial economy might result in the prevention of about 0.02 degrees of warming. Reducing emissions by 5 per cent by 2020 (the government’s target) will avert an even smaller warming of about 0.002 degrees. Ergo, cutting Australian emissions will make no measurable difference to global climate.

Fact 5. For an assumed tax rate of $25 a tonne of carbon dioxide, the costs passed down to an average family of four will exceed $2000 a year.

In the left-leaning The Age no less.

Gleefully ripped from The Evil One™.

Meanwhile, the US scraps any notion of a carbon tax.

“Carbon tax is economic disarmament”



The EU carbon price collapses.



No Carbon Tax


Head of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Peter Anderson, representing 350,000 businesses, says: “Since Julia Gillard’s election we have seen global and domestic conditions turn against Australian exporters. We would like to see the carbon tax abandoned.

Anderson says business thinks the carbon tax is driven by Labor’s political needs, not Australia’s real economic priorities.

And, essentially, not a lick about the “dangerous climate change” in the entire editorial.


Considering the article was reporting adults talking, why would “dangerous climate change” receive a mention?


Not anymore. Dr bingbing is here to help.

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