An industry suffering, farms being sold, jobs lost, many cattle will have to be shot and not processed

In fact, a whole seasons worth of cattle. The frollickingmole highlights the utter havoc the Gillard government is wreaking on our cattle industry.

Mole: “Is this the radio interview that will cost Julia government?”



It looks like Indonesia wasn’t even told; they found out through the media. No welfare up there for all the people who’ll lose their jobs. A big chunk of protein ripped from millions’ food supply. A foreign minister off in Ghana (FFS!), an agricultural minister way out of his depth, a PM with a wrecking ball. Towns and communities here and abroad decimated. And Bob Brown wants to go a step further and destroy our $60 billion/year of exports coal industry (and all for a reduction in emissions that China can pump out in 5 days) . No wonder China has been forced to buy up our land over coal seam deposits.

This Red/Green government is insane.


    • Carpe Jugulum
    • June 29th, 2011

    From bob brownshirts speech at the National Press Club today;

    “Rachel Siewert’s Live Animal Export (Slaughter) Prohibition Bill would stop the export of live animals for slaughter now – not in three years as in the Xenophon-Wilkie bill.”

    Does this drooling cretin realise that what is at stake is tens of millions in export dollars, 10 to 15 thousand jobs and the destruction of an entire industry so that some window licking inner urban toerag can feel all warm & fuzzy.

    What an asshat.

    • Words cannot express the loathing I have for that evil SOB.

        • Carpe Jugulum
        • June 29th, 2011

        I was a sailor, i can help. I know expletives that would make a deviant do a double take, a pirate shit their daks and make greenies burst into flame at 50 metres.

        Trust me……………………………………….I’m here to help

        • All right. It’s after 9pm, so a quick rare spray is A OK. 😉

    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • June 29th, 2011

    I doubt its going to compare to anything that Carpe knows, but in a fit of rage (otherwise known as driving in Perth) the other day I blurted out ‘turd sucker!’.

    Not even close to the worst stuff I know, but its succinct and to the point while still being pg. Also rather fitting when applied to facist bob.

    Andit still makes me laugh.

    • Befitting indeed, lulz.

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