Green deceivers

The latest Green commercial states that “storms are more extreme and more frequent”.

This is flat out wrong. In fact, the opposite is true.

Yes. Storm frequency and intensity has actually gone down the past 30 years. Here’s data collected by Dr. Ryan Maue Ph.D at Florida State University.



And as for Bob’s renewables? Here’s a link detailing why renewables won’t work to power our cities.


Bob Brown doesn’t have a clue. He’s openly called for a one world government.This dangerous idiot now has the balance of power in both Houses of Parliament. Can you imagine what would happen to Australia if we lost our sovereignty, if we lost our democratic vote? Can you imagine what all the tyrants in the world would do to us? The UN is corrupt enough as it is, however it would pale in caparison to Bob’s brainwave.

(It’s right at the start of the podcast.)

PS Speaking of the UN, North Korea is heading the Conference on Disarmament???

The sooner free sovereign nations stop paying their dues to the UN and pull out, the better. The US is mad to keep paying the UN’s bills.


A good point made in the podcast:

How can Bob Brown be so against Australian profits going offshore (essentially, they don’t anyway) yet in the same breath wants Australian sovereignty to go offshore?

  1. June 30th, 2011

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