North Korea breaking: a follow-up

Via JM Heinrichs, more evidence following on from yesterday’s post of what could be an imminent collapse of the corrupt, totalitarian North Korean regime.

In many parts of the country, the malnourished work force simply can’t, or won’t, work as hard. Government employees and security forces don’t get as much food as they used to, but they are still better fed than everyone else. This is a growing source of unrest, made worse by the growing corruption among officials. The differences are most stark when you compare the public mood of a decade ago to what it is today. Now, North Koreans talk back, and get away with it. Cops or secret police who try to beat or arrest people who openly criticize government action, can have a riot on their hands. The cops will often back off, and the people know it. What really accelerated this change in attitude was the disastrous currency reforms of late 2009. Many North Koreans lost their fear after that catastrophe, and there’s no going back.

Do read on. The Kim dynasty faction is weak, army morale is low, corruption is rife, they’re terrified of those Arab uprisings, more riot gear is being ordered, and it’s maybe a case of Russia snubbing Mr Ronery and/or he’s in bad health again.

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