The reason for a carbon tax

It certainly ain’t to save the planet.

The likes of Andrew Bolt would do well to take off the blinkers and have a look into things like Agenda 21 and the rest of it.

PS And if it’s the media you’re worried about, hey, when I was getting my journo degree, I had Greens member Drew Hutton (Traverston Dam) as a lecturer, Amnesty International-cum-federal Labor member Ross Daniels as a lecturer (he always looked into an empty spot in the lecture hall to acknowledge someone laughing at his jokes or agreeing with his point), hard leftist Gary MacLennan (they’re shit’s the same as our shit, whilst skinhead lesbians in the back corner cheered on) as a lecturer. Google those names.

You ain’t gonna get much perspective out of most MSM these days, guys.


Julia’s carbon tax will put 90% of Australian families on welfare, forever dependent on the whims of the government.

And what will the government-of-the-day do in the future? Increase the carbon tax (already at $2000 per family per year and an increase is guaranteed), and then what? Reduce the compensation?

They will. They will have to. After all, they want us to reduce the way we (not them) live.


BROWN OFF: The nation straps itself in for the Greens party’s “joy ride of the future”

Christian Lyons:

In his remarks, Brown confirmed that he will side with Labor to ensure even if Abbott is elected PM with a mandate to rescind the carbon tax and scrap any carbon emissions trading system prior to its commencement that the new PM would not be able to pass his agenda.

This is gonna be a rough ride, folks.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • June 30th, 2011

    Andrew was saying today on MTR, in light of Bob Brown’s One World Government speech; he is starting to worry there may be some truth to Agenda21. I was surprised really, because Agenda21 is very real. So real, in fact, local councilors here in Victoria were taken to conferences in both Melbourne and down at Lorne in 2005 on this very topic. I am surprised because I would have thought Andrew was aware this was taking place at the time. All he need do is ask some old MP’s about the planning meetings.

    Agenda21 was one of the main inputs into the “Green-fields” policies to stop “urban sprawl”. Minister’s such as, Justin Madden (ALP – Vic), were using the reports from the UN to prove the need for high density housing in inner Melbourne, which stopped the urban growth corridor in Melbourne’s West in its tracks. The document was also referenced at the conference as an example as to why Council’s needed to invest in Industry Super Funds which invest heavily with our Rate money in renewable energy; see also: “Activity Centre’s” (High Rise housing around metropolitan train stations). I know this because, Janis, told me all about the conferences when she got home from the 3 day conferences she attended as a local council representative for the City of Maribyrnong. Andrew does need to take those blinkers off! You’re right about that, BB. Agenda21 is a source document for many government plans. Interestingly, Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” was also shown to attendants at these meetings, at the beginning of the Warming Alarmism. It all ties in together and has been pushed in policy making by the Greens and Labor for some years now.

    I have read many pages of Agenda21 and it is horrifying. To say it is some kind of conspiracy is to put your head in the sand. Authorities, such as VCAT in Melbourne are already making legal decisions based on its content when it comes to town planning and developer investment for the next few decades. Look up the “Melbourne 2030” plans at Vic Gov and you will find many relationships between it and Agenda21. The left have been quietly working toward this for the last decade. Juliar, is not kidding when she says she wants a new Australia.

    • Some say Barnaby deserves an apology. In many respects, Alex Jones deserves one, too.


    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • June 30th, 2011

    Lord Monckton got a huge free plug on the front page of the worst australian today. The entire front page was basically a hit piece because of the 50 tools who signed a letter saying he should not be allowed to speak at Notre Dame uni.

    Not the same article as the paper, but pretty close.

    • Shut down debate.

      How academic. How scientific.

    • PDC
    • July 1st, 2011

    Have to agree with the “suggestion” to Bolta. For all the undeniable – and verifiable – good he has done, never the less he still operates from within “the box”. He sees the solution, as in ‘new faces, new leadership’ coming from the same roster containing those who brought us to this sorry state.
    There are days when I listen to him on radio and think “he has missed it entirely” and this causes me great sadness because he is one of the few remaining voices of sanity that still has national reach.
    Man up, Bolta. Call a spade a spade. What is being perpetrated now, in the chambers of the elect, is treasonous and criminal. It needs to be called for exactly what it is and ….. you have the microphone and the stage.

    • Completely agree. No use it just being on small blogs. At the very least, he should have a good, hard look into it, rather than dismissing stuff like Agenda 21 before even reading into it.

  1. Hi,
    A great post, and I do remember that video of Moncktons before Copenhagen, but I watched it again. I also remember the hell Monckton put up with over that speech, the media never let him live it down, and I firmly believe it was because of that speech, that they changed the wording of the Treaty.

    Have you noticed how quiet the MSM have been since Brown announced his One World Government, silence, they seem to be mentioning everything but, double standards as usual.

    I also was very surprised when I heard Andrew on the radio say he hadn’t read Agenda 21, I just couldn’t believe it, it is part of the UN documents and is on their web site for anybody to look at, why did Andrew just dismiss this? I wonder if he will take the time now to read it?

    • I heard Andrew on the radio say he hadn’t read Agenda 21, I just couldn’t believe it, it is part of the UN documents and is on their web site for anybody to look at, why did Andrew just dismiss this? I wonder if he will take the time now to read it?

      Ditto! Hence the comment on his blog to “take the blinkers off”.

        • Merilyn
        • July 1st, 2011

        So bing was your comment published?

        • That one was, luckily enough. It’s in the thread with the Gillard clip (and has helped the hitcount along quite nicely, too).

            • Merilyn
            • July 1st, 2011

            Good, haven’t been over today as was flat out elsewhere for most of the day. Now let’s see if the comment “disappears”.

    • Merilyn
    • July 1st, 2011

    As far as Bob Brown is concerned, all I can say is this man is not good for Australia, he is very close to being insane as he is a fanatic and Julia is not much better. People should always keep in mind that she is a Fabian Socialist through and through.
    Would have thought that Andrew Bolt would have been on top of that agenda 21.

    • Would have thought that Andrew Bolt would have been on top of that agenda 21.

      Unfortunately, the exact opposite is the case. Hope it doesn’t stay that way.

      • Carpe Jugulum
      • July 1st, 2011


      As far as bob brownshirt cares we shall march in lockstep to his version of a bright new future, where all the rivers flow with chocolate, the unicorns & fairies dance in flowered fields and Mr Wibbly Wobbly from bot bot land sells condoms to the happy pixies.

      Sweet Cheesus on a stick the man is bark at the moon insane.

        • Merilyn
        • July 1st, 2011

        Agree with you Carpe, found myself watching his eyes, and they are dead, like other types of fanantics you see photos of, and to think this man and his cronies will have the say in the senate is not good.

          • Carpe Jugulum
          • July 1st, 2011

          Too true Merilyn, the man has the eyes of an obsessed loon, either way i’m sitting my japanese language test in August.

          The situation has spooked Lady Jugs enough that a move back to Japan seems easier to deal with than to stay in Aust.

          • Yeah. I’ve told Lady Bing the kids will most likely be growing up in Korea; retirement at best in Australia. Might even cash out of those investments.

            It’s that fucking bad.

              • Winston Smith
              • July 1st, 2011

              I can understand that, bingbing, because I’m grabbing all the super I can, paying off the house etc.
              I wonder if the Greens being in the Senate will cause a run on the SuperFunds?

              • Andrew Bolt still goes on about how the GFC never really hit. Well it did hit. Hard. Lost 40%. It hit every single investor in Australia and elsewhere, and since then, we’ve been watching the markets languish for too long to want to remember.

                And now this. And Greece. And the US debt ceiling.

                Seriously thinking stuff it and splash out on a new flash car with that money while it’s still there. A “bad investment” but at least it’s material… and fun!

              • Carpe Jugulum
              • July 1st, 2011

              Unfortunately Bing it is that fucking bad;

              The Australia that she first experienced is not what she see’s now, for her to even contemplate giving up her employers sponsorship, (Lady Jugs would never give up her Japanese citizenship), and to move the family back to Japan is a big deal.

              All we need is flying sharks eating pedestrians, either way Aust is fucked. Time to think about leaving

              • Not as far for us to go to compare Japanese Sochu with Korean Soju…

                  • Carpe Jugulum
                  • July 1st, 2011

                  I will warm sake your ass anyday, remember i’m from Bundaberg, rum is my friend. 🙂

                • Winston Smith
                • July 1st, 2011

                I’m staying, and I’m fighting.
                These bastards started this fight, now they can cop the hiding of their lives. And you just know that being as weak as piss cowards that they are, they’ll run when it looks a bit dodgy for them.
                (I know – I started a sentence with ‘And’)

                  • Carpe Jugulum
                  • July 1st, 2011

                  You started a sentence with “And”, the Greens, ACF, Greenpeace and Agenda 21 Shock & Awe Troops will be along to castigate you in no short order.

                  That or they’ll turn up un their floppy clown shoes and make tools of themselves again/still.

                • What option do you have, WS? Then again, with Japan the way it is… well, what’s to go back to for Carpe? That said, maybe that’s where the bigger fight is.

                    • Winston Smith
                    • July 2nd, 2011

                    Bingbing, I remember the 70’s – well parts anyway. The bright flashing lights part return now and then. You didn’t have to wear a helmet on a motorbike, you could go to the local and score dope, sheilas, fights. All good fun. Even the fights were good fun. You never kicked the bloke when he was down. We would drink all Saturday and when the pubs shut, we’d drop trips and ride our bikes into King Cross.
                    It was a bloody good time.
                    Got married, read Silent Spring and I’ve been arguing with the same turkeys for 40 years now.
                    I love this country and this nation. The old girl, Australia, has hit a bloody rough spot, but I can’t just leave her. She’s taken a few big hits, and landed a few on me during the Embarrasing Years. Like one of your kids, you can’t just turn your back. She needs me now, even if she won’t admit it, and even when she spits in my eye.
                    Doesn’t matter. We still love her.

                      • Sean of Deer Park
                      • July 2nd, 2011

                      So true, WS. I had a good laugh at your comment. (Trips. indeed. 😆 Flashbacks are evil, but interesting!)

                      We’ve all grown up now and understand fully what our elders tried to instill in us. I would sum it up simply, as my Grandad used to say; “Never let the Commie bastards get a leg in, they’ll be the end of us, given half a chance”.

                      Australia has the biggest fight on its hands in my living memory. Many people don’t realise how bad it could get. History proves, our freedoms are in danger. My Grandad would turn in his grave if he knew what the ALP has become; he was a Labor man and was friends with Bob Hawke and Don Chipp. Don used to bounce me on his knee in my Grandpa’s garage when I was a kid! I could never vote Labor as the Party has been highjacked by the hard left. I’m with you… I will defend our freedom, democracy and our way of life until the Cow’s come home, so to speak. The Greens are nothing more than Commies in disguise and have infiltrated the ALP as well.

                      There is nothing wrong with a balanced political view, even when we all don’t agree all of the time. Our right to debate and to disagree is what makes us strong. Dictatorships and affronts to democracy need to be fought with all our might, all of the time.

                    • JFTR, I actually came to Korea when Oz was going gangbusters. Only 10% of journo graduates tend to get a job, and TBH, I just came to Korea for the hell of it, found I really loved it, and the rest is history.

                      I still call Australia home as they say and care about what happens to her. It’s one of the big reasons I blog about her so much.

                • PS Expats can still vote.

                  • Carpe Jugulum
                  • July 1st, 2011

                  On a more serious note, i have an option that a lot of other people don’t, that is, i can go screw this and bugger off to another country until things return to normality.

                  I’ve been weird and pissed and trying to fight this for 2 years and quite frankly i say ‘fuck em’ i’m tired of their shit and i’m more than happy to piss off overseas.

                  Between me & Lady Jugs this idiot gubbmint takes nearly $70K in from us tax and pisses the whole lot away, i’ve had enough, these fools can try to make ends meet without what they steal from me and my family.

                  • And in the whatever-it-is of cross-cultural thingymajiganisms…


    • Merilyn
    • July 2nd, 2011

    The Greens radical agenda for Australia.

    “The Greens are about recreating Australia for the new century street by street, community by community, city by city.” Senator Bob Brown 1/7/2011

    So there you go, this man thinks we need to be recreated in his image.

    • Certifiable. Megalomaniac. Deluded.

  2. A good recent article to bring in:

    • Ah, thank you!

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