Why are free nations even part of the UN anymore?

A few commenters over at Blair’s Lair put it quite succinctly. Background: UN participants, including Iran 🙄 declare Western powers terrorists. North Korea 🙄 gains presidency of Conference of Disarmament.

They’re rubbing it in our face.

The Human Rights Council which includes countries such as Libya, the conferences on racism that are in fact anti-Semetic hate fests, the Women’s Rights Commitee which includies Iran, the IPCC etc The list is far too long for me to be bothered googling.

Now this. How anyone from the West can pretend the UN has any moral authority whatsoever is beyond me.

Australia should lead the world and get the hell out.
jupes of west coast (Reply)
Thu 30 Jun 11 (05:11pm)

Indeed, the UN is a “vile, metastatic tumor on the throat of western civilization”.*

*JEM of SF Bay Area, CA, USA

Image source.

  1. I thought it was only the some in USA that was trying to get out of the UN. Apparently not.

    • 10% of our soon-to-be carbon tax will go to those shysters… not that our government cares to promote that little detail.

      • You wonder what other underhanded details they are leaving out as well.

        • The mind shudders.

  2. Might as well get some catharsis:

    • Much-needed. I haven’t been fully following US politics lately because we have such a big job to do in Australia ATM. My guess is, however, that it’s going to be a big week over the States, too.

      At least you guys have managed to quash any notion of a carbon tax/ETS.

      • Put on the back burner is more like it. it is not dead yet. Once the recession is over (i.e. Obama is out of office), expect it to rise again.

          • bingbing
          • July 6th, 2011

          How long is the Human race going to have to fight socialism/communism?

          • As long as man can create wealth, others will envy and covet it. So the short answer to your question is – forever.

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