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Friday Night Party Music

Bit late… in laws stopped by.

Why this mix (Dash Berlin Live @ Electric Daisy Carnival 2011 [COMPLETE SET])? Track four states a Judge Jules vs Deadmau5 mix. How can you pass that up? (PS Plus 16:30 mark)

And please, continue to help a brother out in getting the importance of the global climate conjob, the utter rape of our freedom and democracy, across to the most important person in my life (see post below).

More zapzap flower power… again, fresh.

A few years? Until the mob realises they won’t have anymore flashy light rave parties if the shit has to be run on totalitarian eco power?

Just wondering if a lot of people see the disconnect is all………….


K, we need something “more live” right?

In light of those fuckheads protesting outside Max Brenner’s chocolates, here’s Israel’s best. Infected Mushroom.

But that’s an old 2003 clip. And where did they end up? Say April this year?

Ok Ok Gotta find a better live clip, or at least a clip, right?


Who knows but just in case.

To a letter

Via the emailtubes, checked it out (hopefully enough) to make sure it’s legit.

It is. Via Climate Sceptics party member Terence Caldwell.

Imagine that, that we’d need an entire party to help get rid of the fascist Green nonsense we have floating around the Aussie politisphere these days.

And this is meant in the best possible way; lets hope we don’t need such a party soon.

The letter doesn’t cut and paste very well, so please read it here.

An excerpt:

That’s just one letter.

Man, we have to stop the global warming tripe.

Thanks to reader Sean, we can view a clear pdf hosing down the heat on global warming, carbon change, or whatever the hell buzzfuzz they’re going to mask their global undemocratic government facade agenda with tomorrow.

The science is out and freedom is creeping back in.

So what would the Greens have done?

Censor the people’s voice of course.

Yep. Censor the newspapers; control what the media says.

Of course, there are so many more links one could put up, but you guys out there have probably already read them and/or given me some of them.

It’s obvious what’s going on now. We know the fix is in, the con is on, and getting a bit too strong.

Thus, I ask a favour.

Lady Bingbing still doesn’t get the importance of all this yet. Just today we butted heads when I expressed objection to helping her friend translate a blurb written by said friend on the wonders of solar panel street lights into English.

Be nice, be succinct, and help me establish a basic platform. Please. This shit is so insidious that it’s hard to even begin dismantling the lies.

500 big polluters?

Yep, have been taking a bit of a mini-break. History Channel rocks.

Anyway, you know how Julia first was going on about the 1000 big polluters having to pay her carbon tax, then it became 500?

Why the sudden change?

Why the convenient round numbers?

Seems all a bit too convenient, right?

Policy on the fly?


Those 500 turn out to be 299.

And those 299 turn out to be, among others, universities, recycling companies, R&D, public transport, medical research, renewables companies, liquidated companies, even “unidentifiable” companies.

What a mess. (click this, it’s where the gold’s at)

No wonder the Greens want to censor the media.

Meanwhile, here’s a bit of carbon sense.

Thanks, Sean.

Srsly? A Murdoch detector?

Words fail me…

Two new browser plugins are here to help you with your Murdoch-detecting needs:


Just chilling until the F1

Just over seven hours and Aussie Mark Webber’s best chance at a win this season.

Webber on pole: go Mark!

Something more positive to consider this weekend is that Aussie F1 driver Mark Webber is on pole position for tonight’s (10pm Aussie time) German Grand Prix.

It was brilliant watching him clinch it from Vettel last night, and also well done McClaren’s Lewis Hamilton making 2nd.

Vettel’s lead in the championship is pretty much unassailable, but who doesn’t want to see Mark win a race this year regardless? It would certainly help him to at least better secure his tenure of 2nd place in the championship (and no, 2nd ain’t first but it’s better than 3rd which Mark got last year).

Just get that start right this time, Mark!

Norway shootings: the latest

It appears to have been planned since 2009. The shooter was a member of a neo-Nazi forum, he was a religious fundamentalist (Christian), and even linked to Charles Johnson’s LGF – a former rightist blog turned leftist.

That said, this is not a left-of-centre/right-of-centre issue. This is about reasonable people vs extremists and fundamentalists.

Oh, and that earlier claim by some Islamist group turns out to be “not real” (it’s in one of the links above somewhere). In fact, it looks like Anders Behring Breivik bought tons (6?) of fertilizer, the same stuff used in the car bomb in Oslo.

Latest death count stands at 92. May they rest in peace.

In related news, another tragic shooting by a lone crazed individual has occurred in Texas.

Of course, then there’s Amy Winehouse. An extraordinary talent gone too soon, but hardly news. It was never a question of if, but when. Go easy on the drugs, kids.

H/T @BreakingNews and VexNews

PS Most of those links should provide more updates if you want. Enough. This is Sunday and there’s the F1 to prepare for.

Anyone want these guys living next door?

They might be frustrated by the following isn’t a good look.

A male refugee has cut his own throat and another has cut his arm during a protest at a remote Queensland immigration detention centre.

Monckton gives Turnbull a serve

Found this over at Andrew Bolt’s but it is soooo worthy of repeating.


Challenge to an absolute banker

The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, following what the great Alan Jones has described as his “6-0, 6-0, 6-0 victory” over the director of the Australia Institute in a debate about the climate at the National Press Club in Canberra early this week, has today issued the following challenge to Malcolm Turnbull, the former leader of the Liberal/National Coalition, whom his party recycled last year for his naïve belief that “global warming” is some sort of “global crisis” –

Whereas one Malcolm Turnbull, Member of Parliament for Goldman Sachs, self-appointed leader of the Absolute Bankers’ Get-Rich-Quick, Gimme-the-Money, Subsidy-Junkies’, Profiteers’-of-Doom and Rent-Seekers’ Vested-Interest Coalition Against Hard-Working Taxpayers, has this day demonstrated wilful but indubitably profitable ignorance of elementary science by declaring that since all relevant matters of climatology are settled no one should pay any heed to a mere Peer of the Realm who dares to question the imagined (and imaginary) scientific “consensus” to the effect that unless the economies of the West are laid waste and destroyed we are all doomed;

And forasmuch as it is easy to identify the said Turnbull’s aircraft when it arrives at Canberra Airport because when the engines are turned off the whining carries on;

Now therefore I, The Right Honourable Christopher Walter, by the Grace of God and Letters Patent under the Hand and Seal of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second (whom God preserve) Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, do by these presents challenge the said Absolute Banker to a Debate on live television, during which each party shall have the opportunity to state his case and to examine the other’s case, with a view to informing Hard-Working Taxpayers and allowing them to decide for themselves whether the truth is being told by me or by the said Member for Goldman Sachs, upon whom I call to take up this challenge, if he dares.

Given under my sign manual this twenty-second day of July in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand and Eleven,


Fat chance Lord Monckton will get that debate, but still…


More nannystatism


Now they’re going after Facebook. There are proposals to make it an 18+ site.

At least someone, Susan McClean, is talking sense.

But Susan McLean, who was Victoria Police’s first cyber safety officer and is now an online safety consultant, said the proposal was “ill informed and it shows a total lack of understanding of what the internet is”.

“It’s not Facebook’s fault that there are problems on Facebook. You can’t legislate against stupidity or poor parenting or anything like that,” said McLean.

“It would be nice but it can’t be done and it breaks down any level of trust that you should be trying to develop with your kids.”

Trouble in Norway [updated]

Although some may have first expected the perpetrator of the shootings on the island of Utoeya, Norway to have Islamist terrorist links, it turns out the shooter seems to have extreme right wing links.

Furthermore, he seems to be linked to the Friday bombings in Oslo that targeted the Norwegian Prime Minister.

That said, British Intelligence, as part of their efforts to help out, is still keeping a close eye of those suspected of Islamist terrorism.

It must be said, that any form of extremism, whether it be Islamist, Leftist, or Rightist doesn’t have any place whatsoever in Democracies with free citizens and free markets.

And any Leftist quick to point the finger at the Right in general should, as a wise man once said, tend to the log in his own eye.

Yes, we’re talking about the other problem of extreme left wing terrorism in Europe also.

Final thoughts:

Amid the destruction, my heart goes out to Norway and its people.


The Daily Mail has an in depth report including the face of the coward who did it.

With thanks to NastyCattle_Dog


An onimous tweet? The coward onlt joined twitter days before…


Odd that teacher, activist and ABC commentator Mike Stuchbery’s intitial knee jerk reaction is to compare a crazed mass murderer with Andrew Bolt.

Suspect profiled.

More here and here.

As it happened.


H/T Vexnews


Cops puzzled. Killer has no known extremist links. Looks like he acted alone, but then, if so, how’d he pull off the Oslo bombing – if he did indeed do it – even though, yes, as a farmer of sorts, he would have had access to large amounts of fertilizer used in the car bomb.

The tragic death toll stands at 91.

A comparison

Liberal senator arrested for shoplifting.

Rewind: Labor MP arrested for child porn.

(With thanks to @annoyedannie)


Click here to view full size

Friday Night Party Music

Huh? Friday already? Guess that means it’s time. Enjoy. :-) No stuffing about this time… straight onto the good stuff.

Next up. Just raising the level a tad. Nothing drastic.

;-) When the beat stops (or 16 bars before) on the above, click below. Mixes beautifully.

Some background info…

Interlude II via WU2TL

Just 1/2 an hour… (and a lady bingbing homemade zinger burger… seriously, they are that fucking good)

Oh, and cheers… Related.

Less than 15 min…

Mix this you sluts.*

*From one slut to the rest of us…

Ahem. My sincerest apologies ladies and gentlemen.

Back in the day… 11:51

Watch your Super

As an expat I can tell you absolutely the government tried to rip my Aussie Super funds. Luckily, family back home got wind of this and I was able to add a little to my Australian Super thus making the fund “active” again (Swan targeted “inactive” funds).

Regardless, the Labor government netted $700 million from “inactive” expat’s superannuation accounts and put it not into savings, but into consolidated revenue aka its day-to-day spending slush fund.

Ho hum, all that’s kind of a drop in the bucked when you consider Gillard is borrowing perhaps by now up to $125 million a day at 4-5% interest.

To put that in perspective, true, that’s nothing compared to other countries, but look at where some of those other countries like Italy, Japan and the US are now in regards to debt (does anyone really need an extra link for that one?).

But back to those super funds. First they went for the expats; what’s, sorry, who’s next?


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