Our Langolier government

Most of you probably remember the book and/or movie, The Langoliers. Those little creatures would gobble up, or destroy if you will, everything – matter, space, time – they came across.

In a sense, the Gillard  (and previously, Rudd) government has many similarities. Everything her Langolier eyes set themselves upon, they destroy.

The list is unbelievable.

  • Grocery Watch: useless
  • Fuel Watch: useless
  • The failed bank reforms
  • The hatchet job summit of our best and brightest
  • Cash for clunkers: useless and severely impacted the used car market
  • Only 38 out of a promised 260 childcare centres built
  • A mere 70 out of a promised 2650 trades training centres opened
  • Just 11 out of a promised 64 GP super clinics built (with inadequate after hours services)
  • Free computers in schools that parents are now charged for ($1.4 billion over budget, too)
  • The $16 billion BER that delivered so many essentially useless and/or substandard buildings
  • The $50 billion of money we don’t have to fund an NBN we neither want nor need
  • The pink batts debacle in which four people lost their lives and which has ruined an industry
  • All those asylum seeker boats – more than 200 dead
  • The failed detention centres in East Timor and Manus Island… and the perfectly good yet closed one on Nauru
  • The likely-to-fail and dubious refugee swap “deal” with Malaysia
  • A foreign minister not allowed to do his job
  • Attacking our biggest industry: driving mining investments offshore due to proposed over taxation and over regulation whilst being in bed with the Greens who want our $50 billion per year coal industry – our largest exporter – gone
  • In bed with “Independent” MP Tony Windsor who just sold his farm to the Chinese (he’s sold a farm to a mining company before, too), then bought three more – prime grazing land – that just happen to have various exploration licenses on them (he claims he didn’t know)
  • That painful and ridiculous Murray River Basin Scheme that was to take desperately needed water from our farmers and then literally flush it away (until the rains came and blew the global warmists’ dud unending drought scare campaign out of the water)
  • A $20 billion budget surplus turned into a $150 billion budget deficit in just four years
  • That useless carbon tax that she promised she wouldn’t introduce that won’t do a damn thing to the world’s temperature but will, even at its artificially low starting price, cost families $2000 per year, make 90% of them dependent on welfare, and possibly shut down our biggest power station
  • The $90 million given to Tim Flannery’s dud company with a plunging share price to match (not to mention the extra $720,000 he’s receiving to promote her carbon tax grab)
  • And just this week, the destruction of an entire industry – live cattle exports – essentially by decree, a cruel 24 hours before many head of cattle were to be shipped off, and based on five-year-old footage that the ABC may have been sitting on since January

Unbelievable. In fact, is there anything she’s done right?

Even former ALP ministers can’t believe it.

As Tony Abbott said, “This government’s a bit like the Irishman who lost ten pounds betting on the Grand National and then lost 20 pounds on the action replay.”

Too right. And meanwhile Labor’s support plummets to a record low of a paltry 27-29%.

And as if it couldn’t get any worse, today of course marks the day the Greens will have the balance of power in both houses meaning that even if Abbott wins the next election, he will have to trigger a double dissolution to get any of his repairs reforms through.

We will have to have an election to have an election.

Quite fitting though that on MTR this morning, they played Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

The worst part is that there’s essentially nothing we can do but hit the airwaves, the blogs, the twittersphere, the inboxes of our representatives, and the newspapers, and make our utter dismay and anger at the worst government Australia has ever had heard loud and clear.

And I still say those cattle farmers should band together, put some of their cattle onto trucks, and drive ’em down to the lawns of Parliament House.

Maybe, just maybe, Julia – or at least her party – would listen then.

It’s been a very disparaging week for Australia as a whole. That said, eventually – and sure, not without sacrifice – but eventually those Langoliers were overcome.

Ultimately, this government will go, too. For the sake of the country – and a country is made up of people – may it be sooner rather than later.

Now, if some liberty may be taken by ending this post with a song. It’s rather apt for the times.


The Greens’ economic policies.

The Greens’ global economic policies.

A very sorry day for Australians: the Greens’ quest for a global communist dictatorship.

  1. I have to comment on ANY article that mentions Langoliers! Loved the movie and the imagery!

    I know full well on what you are going through as we have our own langolier here as well. Tony Abbott was being a typical politician. What he should have said is “they are doubling down on stupid”. We have a definition of insanity. It is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. That is what we have, and from the looks of it, Oz does as well. The power to destroy is infinitely greater than the power to build, so we may not recover before we are all speaking Chinese.

    • and from the looks of it, Oz does as well

      And, currently, Oz does it well.

  2. Excellent post, James. A keeper.

    • Cheers. Spread the word if you can, mate.

      • Will do. Glad you cross posted at Tizona (but don’t worry – if I find a place to insert a link, I’ll link this blog 🙂 )

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • July 2nd, 2011

    I love and remember the Cow song so well. Excellent content, BB.

    • minicapt
    • July 2nd, 2011


  1. July 12th, 2011
  2. July 12th, 2011

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