Green Day

No pizza.

And this is just day one (essentially).

PETROL will be excluded from the carbon tax but the Greens have won a sweeping Productivity Commission inquiry that will probe whether future excises should be levied according to a fuel’s carbon content and whether road-user charges are needed to discourage driving.

No more pizza delivery.

Not least because Pizza Hut won’t have any electricity to fire its ovens.

SHUTTING down the Australian coal industry would cost the economy between $29 billion and $36bn a year and have no effect on global carbon emission levels.

The Greens want coal gone, and a windmill does not a pizza make.

    • Merilyn
    • July 4th, 2011

    The way Julia Gillard struggles to tell the truth, if people fall for her saying that Petrol will be exempt, tell them they are dreaming.

    • I have a friend who has recently reminded me that the one and only honest politician in history was GUY FAWKES… truthful and had (dis)honest intent in the parliment!

  1. a new meter for every car on the road to show actual petrol usage then tax them accordingly! Guess that will be the next scheme. This is all about money, not saving the environment.

    So put up the price of fuel any which way you can, so that people are forced to use public transport – Oh wait a minute there is little to NO public Transport in Tasmania, maybe we could import and use all those extra camels… with corks of course, or maybe import all those no longer used – because they all have cars now – vacant chinese rickshaws…. Geesh!

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • July 4th, 2011

    I keep pointing out that there are several places with carbon taxes already, suitable for “Lessons Learned”, but no one listens …
    1. Petrol is part of the justification for the tax. It will be in there, if not immediately then very shortly, as the greenies take hold; as well as diesel and all other fuel used in vehicles.
    2. The tax is focussed on fuel consumption, ie, for heat, transport and power generation. When the greenies find out that fuel used as a manufacturing raw material doesn’t qualify, they will push for change.
    3. The ball park figure generally used is ‘$20/ton’ with variations in the definition of ‘ton’. The greenies will not consider that enough; they want $200/ton.
    4. Suddenly, school boards will be faced with firing teachers to pay for their carbon tax levies, likewise hospital care and such. The greenies will be willing to commiserate while reminding people that pain is good when saving Mother Earth.


    • I did post your email a while back. And mentioned even last week the Greenies want $200/tonne.

      And yeah, not many are buying Gillard’s line fuel won’t be taxed now nor at anytime in the future. The Greens contradicted that almost immediately.

      Point number 4 is the most dastard.

        • minicapt
        • July 4th, 2011

        Fine, but it appears that many are thinking of this as “The Great Australian Experiment” despite the fact that results are in; It’s Not An Experiment Any More!

        I doubt there is a single question raised about possible actions by Julia’s govt which cannot be answered by Google/Bing today: just look for the Government of British Columbia website, we’ve done the screw-ups already, why attempt to repeat our efforts?


        • The line they’re taking is other countries have implemented carbon taxes… inferring that it’s been successful.

          Bloody Bolt keeps pushing the line no other country has, which hampers our efforts.

        • Winston Smith
        • July 5th, 2011

        Lunatics. Green Lunatics.
        But until they start hurting, there’s no point in even trying to stop them. Far too many people think Greenpeace cares for the environment. They don’t. They are a front for a Totalitarian Movement.
        But we know all that.

        What happened to your name, JMH?

  2. I saw The new Greens senator for Victoria, Richard Di Natale on TV news earlier today, and penny Wong on Q & A last night and both intimated that this new Carbon Tax is only the beginning – a starting point… more has to be and will be done…… look out folks we are in for a very rough ride….. (pardon the pun) petrol will not be ruled out indefinitely, now they are in they will push push push. I said it before, Julia went to bed with the devil and has now woken up in hell. Bob is defacto PM, even my pal Blind Freddie can see that.

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