Radical pragmatism and what it really means

Our modern-day Left love the term, “radical pragmatism”.

It’s kind of like not believing in, nor distinguishing from, right or wrong insofar as achieving an ultimate agenda… for the good of the planet (read: global warming aka climate change).

Overpopulation? Environmental sustainability? Carbon taxes?

Just what are they really on about?

Foreseeably, due to the inherently totalitarian nature of radical environmentalism, or more fashionably, sustainability, humans could once again become sacrificial fodder for elites’ abstract causes, that is to say, their personal security. The supposed human herd could be thinned through wars, engineered famines, poisonings, sterilizations, or manmade diseases, everything and anything is on the table for the radical pragmatists. And suffice it to say, with our present state of technology, these demented elites’ power base would be great indeed should they somehow consolidate global power.

Fortunately, there are a number of potential flaws in the creation and function of any totalitarian human system that one can draw some hope from:

Sound far-fetched?

It isn’t. An Obama key advisor is a radical pragmatist.

The UN’s Agenda 21, operating locally and openly right now is pursuing such measures; measures we have witnessed all around Australia for years now but perhaps haven’t connected the dots.

Until now.

Read on.

In Australia, we’ve seen the likes of environmentalists such as Clive Hamilton call for a suspension of Democracy… to somehow save the planet.

Tim Flannery has talked of a global “superorganism”, climate stewards at one with the earth dictating to every man, woman and child exactly how we must live.

And just last week, we had Greens leader Bob Brown – the key ally and facilitator of Julia Gillard’s minority government – openly calling for a One World Government, communist in nature, anti-democratic, anti-sovereign, authoritarian, all-encompassing… the antithesis to Freedom.

  1. Saul Alinsky called himself a “radical pragmatist” in his Rules for Radicals. Basically, it’s ends justify the means, or more appropriately power for the sake of power type thinking. Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are Alinskyites, and therefore, radical pragmatists.

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