When a war isn’t actually a war

That would be when it’s just aerial bombings you’re engaged in, and your name is Obama. Fancy if Canada started bombing Seattle from the air yet declared, “Na, guys. It’s not an act of war. It’s humanitarian.”

NewZeal’s Trevor Loudon:

Welcome to a whole string of kinetic military actions employed through the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine of the Obama Administration. You know, where aerial bombing of a country is no longer considered an act of war. It’s humanitarian don’tcha know…

And Congress is now totally useless in fact and deed. The official deadline for the War Powers Resolution came and went with minor protests and a President flipping them off telling the US that this really isn’t a war, no matter what it looks like. And watch the Progressives line up to defend the Dictator-In-Chief and his Constitutional violations. Of course most of the media tags along with implicit support for whatever Obama the Marxist approves, much like the military and press did in Nazi Germany.

Right now we have a troops in harm’s way in the following conflicts:


Read on.

As a footnote, six fronts, eh? And they called Bush a warmonger. Also, does Kim Jong il know about those six fronts?

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • July 4th, 2011

    Have you been to Seattle? Besides, Redmond is a Seattle suburb.


    • Closest I’ve come is a mate who’s from there.

        • minicapt
        • July 4th, 2011

        It’s a bit like Vancouver, but without the couth, culture, class or proper scenery.
        plus their socialistic politicians make our local versions appear positively angelic. And Chief Seattle never said this: http://www.halcyon.com/arborhts/chiefsea.html


        • Yea, but they THINK they are the New york of the West. Their egos are the only thing great about them (great as in size).

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