Ban lifted

Too little. Too late. The damage is done.

THE Gillard government has lifted its ban on live cattle exports to Indonesia.

Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig announced the decision tonight, almost a month after the trade was suspended following television footage showing Australian cattle being mistreated in Indonesian abattoirs.

Senator Ludwig said he was confident conditions imposed by the government meant Indonesian abattoirs could now meet Australian standards, and that tracking and transparency in the supply chain would be improved.

He could not say when the first shipments of Australian cattle would be able to leave for Indonesia.

And that would be because a reactive Indonesia placed it’s own ban on live cattle imports until at least October.

And many of the cattle are too heavy now, anyway, even if Indonesia lifted their ban tonight also.

A season’s head of cattle gone. To be shot and buried in mass graves. Farmers wiped out. Jobs gone.

All thanks to out MIUAYGA government, riddled with idiots and liars and cowards.


Can we get the Indonesians to up their 350kg weight limits, if only as a once-off?

H/T JustMEinT and Magsx2

It’s all still a gargantuan problem, downsized from a really gargantuan problem… yet still minuscule in comparison to that carbon tax.


More… bureaucracy.

  1. Ironically, the link to the Steve Price show I posted on the “Julia’s long march” thread actually mentions this issue up front. Some farmer was talking how he had to cull 3000 head of cattle because of the ban. The interview with Dreyfus was from the July 4th podcast. All Andrew Bolt podcasts can be found below:

    Sorry for the mix-up, I copied the link from a thread I was discussing with another fellow, and the podcast link led to the July 5th and not the July 4th one and must be a link to the “latest podcast.”

    Best, RO

  2. All I know is that I am glad I am not a cattle rancher. I saw the video of the way the Indonesians kill some of them, and I just can’t condone it regardless of religion.

    • Dude, that was a few abattoirs, and no one wants them doing business. The fact is most Indonesian abattoirs meet international standards. Also, a Halal kill, done properly, is perfectly acceptable.

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