Julia’s long march

So she’ll be wearing out her (leather) shoes – literally – criss-crossing the country to explain her tax of on the future.

  1. Let’s hope she is either peddaling a push bike, riding a horse and buggy, perhaps a camel (heheh) but doing anything other than using a machine that spews out carbon emissions, whilst crossing this vast continent. After all she expects us all to cut back…. she ought to lead with Bob and the rest of the crew as well…. no more flying…. did I hear someone say walk on water?

    This is the theme from now on when either Bob or Julia enters or leave a room!

    • FAIL to the dictator!

  2. Not sure if the reference to the New Left’s locust-like “march” through our economies and societies was intended, but you are dead on with this musical reference.

    You should give a listen to Andrew Bolt’s interview of MP Mark Dreyfus, Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, which I have linked below in case you haven’t already:


    Keep striking blows for the Rebel Alliance!

    • It was most intended.

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