Monckton to speak at National Press Club

Hear, hear! Finally some of that debate we’ve been promised* but have yet to receive in an adequate forum.

CLIMATE sceptic Christopher Monckton has been offered a prime speaking slot at the National Press Club in Canberra on July 19, despite a spate of cancelled public appearances.

Lord Monckton – who recently accused Julia Gillard’s climate adviser Ross Garnaut of “fascist” views – is set to debate the Australia’s Institute’s executive director, economist Richard Denniss.

The Australian Online understands Lord Monckton was offered the spot in response to a request from his tour organisers.

The engagement is yet to be finalised as he has a speaking engagement in Melbourne which he is trying to shift.

It’s understood the press club board approved the offer to Lord Monckton on Friday, while Dr Denniss has accepted the invitation.

National Press Club senior vice president Steve Lewis said the role of the club was to “provide a civilised forum for an important debate”.

This is, as you are probably well aware of by now, the antithesis to Prime Minister Gillard’s concept of a debate; a PM who will announce details of her carbon (dioxide!) tax just after Parliament has finished sitting and almost five weeks before it sits again.

She is an absolute disgrace; to herself, to the Australian public and indeed to the Office she holds.

*a Gillard promise

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A link to Monckton’s recent presentation can be found in the post below.

  1. isn’t there more to this than meets the eye? I mean with the Carbon tax and the ETS?

    If you have not heard, read or seen the news – it seems that Carbon Dioxide AKA Carbon Pollution is suffocating our planet. We human beings are responsible. The Earth is warming up because of all the carbon pollution in the atmosphere, and if we do not pay a Carbon Tax, our planet will suffer severe damage, possibly even unto death. YUP I guess that is the long and short of the argument.

    How do I know all this? What makes me so darn clever?

    Well I am not all that clever, but I do read, I watch television, even listen to the radio when driving around in the car when we can afford the petrol. So I guess I just take it all in and believe it because both the IPCC and the Prime Ministers of Australia tell me so.

      • elsie
      • July 8th, 2011

      That’s great! I feel so embarrassed at his treatment here.

      PS I am begging! PUHLEASE JULIA! Let us have a little bit of extra CO2 here in Queensland. We are FREEZING!

      • Elsie you are cold in QLD? OMGosh……. my teeth are chattering down here on the Apple Isle, I was considering moving north! My comment was a sarcasm 🙂 but that is how blooming stoopid they all are…….

      • Of course, even a doubling of C02 will have a minimal effect on temperature.

  2. Hi,
    At last some good news, I would love to be there.

    • Did you see the latest over at ACM? A great cartoon Gillard v Bolt you must check it out.

      • Love it! Thanks, mags.

      • What the Hades? I just made a Batman reference in regards to the “holy conundrum” that burning fossil fuels may release solar reflective particulate matter along with greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. There must be something about environmentalists nowadays that strikes people like they are megalomaniacal comic book supervillains.

  3. Thanks for bringing this up, James. Lord Monckton is one of the best advocates of using real science in the AGW debate. Your blogging has elicited my latest post.

    Great job staying on the ball with this subject! It’s crucial we stay on top of the enviro-left, because they have a tendency to use stealth and deception to pass measures in opposition to the public will.

    • VRWC all the way, mate. Enquire through s_dog (wronwright can’t be trusted).

    • And thank you for that kind yet incisively accurate link-slash-reference!

    • Pete
    • July 14th, 2011

    Monckton has been exposed as a fraud and a liar and the extent of the stupidity in some of the comments here beggars belief. Suggesting that CO2 is not pollution because we need it to live is like saying that radiation is good for us because it provides light and heat.

    Thankfully in about 10 years the situation will have become so clear that all you denier dimwits will be busy telling everyone how you said all along that there needed to be action on climate change.

    • Utter garbage. Please refrain from astroturfing my blog.

      • Merilyn
      • July 14th, 2011

      Amazing, you come on call Monckton names, but you are fearful to let him speak.

    • Hansmole
    • July 19th, 2011

    “Thanks for bringing this up, James. Lord Monckton is one of the best advocates of using real science in the AGW debate.”

    Real science from a man with no scientific training? An MA in classics?
    Seems Chris is just a failed politician looking to do a bit of touring about, spruiking things which will get him attention.

    “It’s crucial we stay on top of the enviro-left, because they have a tendency to use stealth and deception to pass measures in opposition to the public will.”

    And I’m sure large corporations which actually have a financial incentive to deceive, have never done so? I can also say from personal experience, watching environmentalists and socialists argue, that none of the environmentalists I have met are Marxists.

    • And a lot of climate science is conveniently funded by Big Government, rubbing their hands with glee at a trace gas tax that won’t change the world’s temperatures one iota but will change how much personal freedom we all have. You’re quite right, Monckton himself is not a scientist but he does draw on their research extensively. Of course, Al Gore isn’t a scientist either, Ross Garnaut is an economist and Tim Flannery studied dinosaurs. Thus, your Monckton argument doesn’t stack up.

      As for linking to Monbiot? Oh, touche.

      Have a look into just how the IPCC summary for policy makers was actually contrived, and have a look into climategate also. You can click the climategate tag in the tagcloud on your right for a start.

      Finally, are you seriously advocating that taxing and/or reducing by 5% (or even 20%) an essential trace gas is going to drastically alter the world’s climate for the better. Srsly???

  4. PS Thanks for stopping by, regardless, and keeping it civil. I don’t know where I’ve suggested the scientists are Marxist but I will say many of those use their findings to promote a socialist/Marxist agenda… many unwittingly one suspects.

    • PPS I have heard many scientists are generally socialist (everybody shares, in this case, knowledge and information) in nature, but I can’t confirm that. Naturally, and dare I say it hardly needs repeating, but socialism does look better on paper (no wonder academics love it); it just doesn’t work in the real world (why academics don’t understand socialism’s failings) because of the nature of human beings. Said nature, almost ironically, is why so-called selfish capitalism does benefit society as a whole far more as logic and history has demonstrated.

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