Can they please starve themselves? Please?

Boycotts, rallies, but you can forget democracy.

LEFT-leaning activist group GetUp! has flagged a boycott of major food companies in retaliation for an anti-carbon tax campaign involving the Australian Food and Grocery Council.

The group’s director Simon Sheikh has written to food makers, warning they face action from 570,000 GetUp! members.

“It is our intention in the next few days to provide easy to use product information to our membership such that they can boycott goods and services that are linked to the scare campaign that the Australian Food and Grocery Council are about to sign up to,” he said.

The letter asks company chiefs to answer a series of questions, including whether they accept the science of climate change, whether they back a carbon price, and whether they would consider resigning from the industry body.

They can’t prove the dodgy global warming “science”, thus of course, they’d resort to bullying. So typical of the environmental movement’s totalitarian mindset.

And just for the record, the UN has admitted fighting global warming would cost a cool $76 trillion dollars.

That’s $76 trillion out of our pockets to combat a non-existant problem not of our making (if that makes sense).

  1. and here in Ozzy they intend to morph the Carbon Tax into an ETS…. more money from the poor to the government coffers!

    I just blogged on trying to get a handle on an ETS

    Ok I admit it; I have very little understanding of what an (ETS) Emissions Trading Scheme is. I stand in the ‘camp’ that says it is all a load of political hype, done to raise money for the Government. I do not understand how it will work, and I cannot see that it will truly benefit Mother Earth….. The planet I live on currently!
    Now having been open and honest about where I stand at this moment in history, does not mean I will have to stay here indefinitely does it?

    • An ETS is basically whereby if you’re a “big polluder”, you can by carbon credits (offsets) sold by small polluders or the government.

      You gorge while someone else starves essentially.

      It’s a scheme rife with fraud. The carbon trading markets in the EU and Chicago have essentially collapsed since most people have woken up to the fact that buying thin air is a pretty bad investment.

      • Yup I figured as much, and that was the reason for my cynical look (being a dummy) at what an ETS realy was. You would be suprised just how many folks have absolutely no idea, and consider it only fair, right and proper that those big bad polluter pay for killing our planet off. They cannot grasp this is only (did I say only?) a government TAX US FURTHER scheme…..

        Thanks for your explanation…………..

        • No worries. And thanks for highlighting the dud link.


        Europe warns DON’T do it julia…….

        • Thanks!

  2. Hi,
    Looks like GetUp went a step too far:-

    Speculation on the carbon tax’s final shape intensified as the advertising battle over the carbon tax looked headed for the courts after activist group GetUp! wrote to members of the Australian Food and Grocery Council threatening a boycott of their products if they participated in a mooted advertising campaign against the tax.

    But Food and Grocery Industry Council chief executive Kate Carnell said the boycott threat was an attack on Australian jobs. “It is very interesting that an organisation like GetUp! that supposedly is about letting people express an opinion, tries to stop people whose opinion doesn’t align with their own,” she said.

    Food industry sources pointed to section 45D of the Trade Practices Act, which prohibits secondary boycotts. The Australian.

    • Snap!

      • The Wizard of WOZ
      • July 8th, 2011

      “The left is always talking about these ‘culture wars’. They seem to forget who has all the guns.”

      I forget who said it, but the way this lot carry on, you’d think it has nearly come to that.

      I imagine they feel quite emboldened by the success of their vegan mates over the live export industry…

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