Can we have a similar survey in Australia, please?

OK. So one of the biggest news stories this week was/is, as Tim Blair puts it, “News of the World Now World News”.

Disgraceful phone hacking aside, a (final?) look was warranted considering Sunday will be the final day of publishing.

During said look, the following article jumped out of the page.

BRITAIN is losing hope because of the savage effects of recession, an exclusive News of the World poll shows today.

A huge majority of 82 per cent of voters are making sacrifices, fear for their jobs or cannot see things getting better soon.

More than two-thirds, 68 per cent, say they are having to make cutbacks just to make ends meet.

Almost one in three – 31 per cent – admit they are struggling so badly that they are forced to slash spending on essentials such as food, clothes, fuel and utility bills.

That rises to a shock 40 per cent among poorer families.

Not fun reading for sure (lot’s more dire results there, too), but it’d at least be interesting to have a similar survey in Australia. Sure, our economy doesn’t appear to be doing as badly, but no other economy is set to impose such a gargantuan and convoluted carbon (dioxide!) tax – and that’s at the introductory low price of probably $23 per tonne – on its people, either.

A major news organisation would do well to run such a poll.

And to think former Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull thinks the UK has “vision” at the moment.

    • Carpe Jugulum
    • July 8th, 2011

    My Brother,sister-in-law & nephews have been living in the Uk for just over a year now, and trust me, if half of how they describe london is true then the place is a lost cause..

    The place is a nanny state with benefits for all and all care and no responsibility. To quote my brother “these people are working their way to the bottom as fast as they can”.

  1. Hi,
    Really here in OZ we are lucky in the sense that it usually takes just over 12mths before we catch up to other Countries, sometimes longer. Now you would think, after seeing everything that is happening in the UK, with their energy poor, and people dying of the cold etc. because of their stupid Cap and Trade, all the taxpayers money wasted on green crap, all the factory’s that have closed down, 3 I know of that just moved to China, that OZ would leave well enough alone. Utter stupidity.

    I must admit I had never heard of the “News of the World” paper before I started reading about it in the papers. It really does seem a bit over the top to shut down a paper that has over 2 million readers, and I’m not sure how many people have lost their jobs as well. Sure prosecute the guilty, but I feel it should not of been shut down, is there more to this story I wonder.

    • have 😉

      I keep telling anyone who’ll listen in Korea, “Hey guys, you have the opportunity to pick and choose. You don’t have to do everything we do back home (and you’d be wise not to).”

      • Old habits die hard unfortunately, it is so automatic for the “of ” instead of the “have” I’m just too old to change I feel. 🙂 I get it right sometimes usually when I do something in word, it always picks it up. 🙂

    • dd
    • July 10th, 2011

    The bottom line, Mr Murdoch wants profit.

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