Bolt’s Crapon Tax Report

Bloody brilliant report today. Carbon tax PWND.

And the encore…

I know we’re all frustrated re the comments section, but to be fair, the bloke is doing the work.

Self plug: I asked him to put up the YouTube version of his clips on his blog, and he did.

It’s frustrating those comments not being put up and/or disappearing, but surely we all realise the bloke is stretched pretty thin these days and yet is delivering ad infinitum.

    • Winston Smith
    • July 10th, 2011

    The best part about all of this?
    Watching the inflation and consumer confidence reports come out – they’re going to be massaged to hell and back!
    And for those who keep an eye on such things:
    Total Commonwealth Government Securities
    on Issue – $194,442m
    consisting of:
    Treasury Bonds – $163,893m
    Treasury Indexed Bonds – $13,929m
    Treasury Notes – $16,600m
    Other Securities – $20m

    As at 8 July 2011

    • Merilyn
    • July 11th, 2011

    Yes we watched that interview, it was very good, loved his ending, “Good Luck”.

  1. Hi,
    I agree Andrews show yesterday was fantastic, the interview with the professor was great, I also felt compelled to put this in my blog yesterday, but poor Andrew last night at 9pm with the others, was very much a reflection of Insiders, Andrew couldn’t get a word in, I think mostly there just wasn’t enough time given.

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