Aussie factories will close [updated]

And the jobs will go to China.

The carbon tax will force many older factories to close because they can’t afford to switch to cleaner energy sources, [WA] Premier Colin Barnett says.

Manufacturing, particularly on the east coast, would feel the effects of the tax more than any other sector of Australia’s economy, the premier told reporters in Perth on Monday.

He said it was impractical to suggest that older manufacturing industries would switch to cleaner energy.

“If you’ve got an old factory that struggles to compete, you’ll probably close it down and import the product rather than do that.”

That would lead to more imports from China and elsewhere, Mr Barnett said.

Meanwhile, opposition leader Tony Abbott reckons the government’s own figures say that eventually, we’ll have to pay $131 – over five times what we’re paying now – per tonne.


The carbon price is going to be $29 a tonne in 2020 and that is in 2010 dollars. The carbon price is going to be $131 a tonne in 2050 and that’s in 2010 dollars.

That means people like poor elsie would have to cough up $50 per week on top of budgeting for the inevitable price rises – five times what they’ll be now.

Meanwhile, the temperature won’t drop one iota for perhaps 1000 years. Even our $720,000 Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery admits that.

And so we’ll save 160,000,000* tonnes of nasty plant food CO2. So what? China’s emissions are set to rise by 6,000,000,000 tonnes (partly due to some of our manufacturing and jobs going over there)!

Treasurer Wayne Swan:

“The Chinese are setting about reducing their emissions as they grow…”

Come again?

PS Wayne, we all believe in climate change. We think it’s mostly natural. You’re a politician with a budget deficit. Many people just don’t see the point in reducing by 5% Australia’s 1.5% of global man-made CO2 contribution, a global contribution which is about 5% of an essential trace gas that makes up 0.04% of the atmosphere. 0.04% x 5% x 1.5% x 5% = a giant scam!


Australia forced to send $3 Billion per year overseas for pieces of paper saying “carbon credit”


In case you missed it, Monckton talks to Alan Jones.


AUSTRALIA’S mining sector will increase its focus on offshore developments because of the list of new taxes on the industry as the new carbon tax threatens jobs, according to industry leaders.

The coal industry, already the target of the minerals resources rent tax, is the most affected by the carbon tax and warns that a $1.3 billion assistance package for the sector represented less than 10 per cent of the $18bn carbon tax bill the industry faced over the next nine years.

*Corrected from 160,000

    • Mick Gold Coast QLD
    • July 11th, 2011

    Well plugger me if this isn’t where bingbing says his say. I’m delighted Merilyn left a trail over at the Blair’s for me to follow and find it.

    I’ll attach one of them bits of internet string to it now, so I won’t lose it and to find my way back to have a good look.

    On “And the jobs will go to China”: bingbing, you may recall my occassional mention of having married into an Asian family from whom I have learned many things, of which I knew nought 20 odd years ago.

    Today on the Gold Coast I encountered two younger 40-ish locally based Asian business men. I commented that such people did not exist here 15 years ago. We spoke of living my wife’s culture each day, language and food and so on, and they were most pleased to tell me Chinatown is a coming to the Coast (precinct identified, traders being arranged etc). I was so very happy to hear that – there are few greater delights to me than having multiple sources of low cost delicious fare when we visit Asian cities and cannot cook for ourselves.

    We have just one such place at Sunnybank – an aged shopping centre now 100% occupied by Asian fish, vegetable, supermarket and butcher outlets, plus numerous eateries. You could be in Kowloon.

    We also touched on the exponential growth in the middle classes across SE Asia. While our government fiddles about closing factories and whole industries, insulting important neighbours en route, the Asian determination continues down its determined path. They want what we have and they’ll get it and, in time, own and control even more of it here. So few Australians have any concept of that.

    Mick Gold Coast QLD

    • Too true. And I also see it mixing, and in a most positive way. TBH, I’ve been quite stubborn adapting because a) well, I’m an ESL teacher and b) I believe the best bits of the West to be the best hence I put in a “second shift” everyday fighting for the best civilisation the world has ever known.

      Besides, and pardon my french, but the best bits of Asia have a hard on for the West (and I have a hard on for the best bits of Asia but now its getting a bit too kinky for a family blog).

      What really inspires me is say, for instance, I recently judged a speaking competition. Most of the kids over here have parents who are super-into giving their kids the best education possible. And the attitude you see in these kids… well… it’s something else.

      Glad you finally found this little corner of the internet, mate!

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • July 12th, 2011

      Great to see you here, Mick. I always make sure I read your snippets. Looking forward to seeing you about more often. BB, is excellent value! Cripes, he should have his own Column.

      (ps. you’re awesome, Merilyn! I will take a gander over at Pier’s Blog later today, too, at that story you mentioned.)

  1. And then they will vilify the entrepreneurs for exporting jobs. The pigs of Animal farm have learned well.

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • July 12th, 2011

    Surely there is a commitment from China to reimburse Australia for these jobs being transferred?


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