A simple question…

that needs to be asked but surely will never be answered by our PM.

  1. Can’t we get millions of dissatisfied Australians to send JG a letter asking this one question?
    Cost to the people, one piece of paper, one envelope, one postage stamp and one minutes worth of writing? Even better print off the question off my blog and post it to her in Canberra. return address and name required. Emails are useless, it has to be hard copy.


    • Maybe, but for it to get any traction, maybe you could call Andrew Bolt on MTR tomorrow morning and/or email him and/or leave comments on his blog. He came up with the question, so he may well warm to your idea.

    • jeff
    • July 13th, 2011

    Somebody has to be the highest per capita CO2 emitters in the developed world so it might as well be us. Its good for the economy.

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