Our carbon crisis vs their debt crisis

Not that we haven’t seen a surplus wiped out and mounting debt, too, but it’s in a different league to what’s going on in the US of course.

WASHINGTON — After months of effort, President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans are right back where they started as they try to avert a looming debt default: arguing over taxes.

With a “grand bargain” to tame the national debt seemingly off the table, Obama, House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner and other top leaders will try for a more modest deal when they resume their discussions at the White House on Monday afternoon.

But negotiators will have to confront a divide over taxes that has prevented them from reaching a deal so far. Democrats say new tax revenues need to be part of the equation, while Republicans say they won’t back any increase in taxes.

Via JM Heinrichs who emails, “The reporters keep sidestepping the problem: the Dem solution generally/always involves tax increases now, tax cuts later. That’s what killed Bush 41, he agreed to such a deal and the Dems then reneged on the cuts. The Repubs then had to do the ‘balls in a vice’ to Clinton to clean things up.”

Mind you, both countries are seeing efforts by government to redistribute wealth, albeit via different mechanisms.

It’s not just Aussies being told by elitist, out-of-touch, wealth redistributing rulers to eat their veges.

H/T for the vid

    Julia Gillard is Australia’s own Nancy Pelosi, arm-twisting her caucus into voting for something which is likely to cost many of her members, and probably Gillard herself, their jobs when the next election comes around. Nevertheless, she, like Madame Defarge, keeps on knitting the seeds of economic destruction into the fabric of the Australian economy.


  2. It did not kill Reagan, but he suffered the same humiliation as Bush 41. Democrats never keep promises to cut spending. They are incapable of telling the truth, even when it serves them best.

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