Townhall meetings coming to a venue near you

OK, so PM Gillard reckons The Debate We Never Had™ is over, but that doesn’t mean – oh no siree – that folks aren’t standing up to have their say.

A townhall meeting in Brisbane:

Mr Hockey said merchants at a Brisbane market this morning told him they would not be able to pass on the cost of an estimated 10 per cent rise in electricity without sacking staff.

“Time and time again, as we went past every store, all the workers were coming out and saying ‘you have to stop this tax’,” he said.

Read on. There are hints of the American Revolution there. With any luck, sure, things are going to get worse, but when they get better, we’ll be in a position of unprecedented strength.

Oh, and who was invited but didn’t attend? That’d be treasurer Wayne Swan.

Typical of a government that will neither listen nor be listened to.

The polls — 58 to 42 and a staggering 27% primary vote — are disastrous, and Labor has lost its base, the tradies.

There are surely some Labor MPs going apoplectic behind closed doors about this. Will, say, Martin Ferguson finally take a stand along with the rest of Australia?

Cory Bernadi:

To put it bluntly, the Gillard government has run out of your money to spend. They have raised the nation’s debt ceiling twice already and have borrowed hundreds of billions of dollars to pursue their wasteful programs. Even the socialist left faction of the Labor Party (of which Gillard is a member) knows that this cannot be allowed to continue. Left unchecked, national debt can bankrupt a nation or destroy a national currency within a very short time frame.

The good news?

Ironically almost, coal is up today… Big Time.

H/T Tim Blair


Via tweeter Joe Qld:

Support for the #carbontax has plummeted to 35 per cent, to 53 against – the widest gap yet measured.

  1. July 12th, 2011

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