Gillard feels the heat

Can’t the PM just talk straight to people?

A FIERY slanging match* between shoppers outside a Brisbane supermarket has overrun Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s campaign to sell her government’s carbon tax.

Ros Brown, who describes herself as an ordinary housewife, drove across town when she heard Ms Gillard would be touring Fairfield Gardens shopping centre today.

As Ms Gillard greeted shoppers in the flood-hit suburb, Ms Brown began screaming about her lack of a mandate, sparking a heated exchange with another shopper.

Gabrielle Sottile, who said she was from a fourth-generation Labor family, heard Ms Brown’s shouts as she emerged from Coles, and started yelling back.

Fun video there. Bring popcorn.

*guess we can’t say “cat fight” these days… 😛


Via wakeup2thelies: video (slightly different to the one in the link).

  1. Hi,
    I was so sorry I wasn’t at this particular shopping center today, If I had of known Julia was going to be there I would have been there as well, well done to the Lady.

    Did you hear about the lone green voter at Tony’s speech today? Apparently she was heckled, and some guy followed her, anyway the media stayed with her, and the police took the guy away, and she ring whoever crying to come get her she was scared!

    I was watching channel 10 news this evening, and of course they showed what had happened at the shopping center, but they had a phone poll, Question:-
    Should there be an election on the carbon tax.
    Channel 10 said that it was the biggest phone poll they had ever had with around 5,000 phone calls.
    Yes – 89%
    No – 11%

    If you are interested Julia will be doing her usual spin very shortly, it will be the same set up sky news had before the election, anyway it will be shown live in the courier mail, with a live blog as well, it’s Tony’s turn tomorrow night. I can only guess at what some of the questions are going to be. I can also guess what answers Julia will give back. (the usual spin)

    • Thanks for that info from the trenches, Mags. Hearing what they said on the nightly news, from the coalface, is pretty valuable info indeed info over here.

  2. I don’t know if I can handle listening to this women, at the moment she is raving on RAVING driving me mad, I wish they would start the questions. I’ve turned off the sound and watching the live blog instead. (sigh)

    • Merilyn
    • July 13th, 2011

    “Guess we can’t say cat fight these days”, yes you can, and meow to. That’s the joy of having your own blog bing.

    • That why I love the delicious irony of statements on one’s own blog such as, “You cant say ‘fuck’ anymore nowadays.”


      You can’t say it.

  3. Cat fight? When the claws come out, it is a cat fight! And there were claws in those videos! Thanks for a civics lesson in Australian Politics!

  1. July 14th, 2011
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