What do you think about the carbon tax?

Someone posed that question on /b/, and within an hour, here came the answers.

Note: Some of the language is crude, the screenshot may take a while to load, following some of the conversations may be difficult, not quite all of the debate could be captured due to file size limitations, however most of it was.

Click on the image under the fold.

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A bit more…

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  1. Hi,
    I am still amazed at the amount of people that are jumping up and down and saying please let the powers that be tax the air that we breath. It was always joked about for many years, I can remember people saying way back in the 70’s, if the Government could tax the air we breath they would, now it has happened, and people want the Government to do it, it really does beggar belief.

  2. Sorry, I had to stop reading the language quite frankly says a lot about the ? age and intelligence of the authors. Are the all Greenies from the inner city?

      • Winston Smith
      • July 14th, 2011

      That’s the demographic, Lady in front of snow.
      Your average Greens voter is a high income, inner city dwelling person who once a year gets to drive their rental 4 x 4 into the country and sneer at the plebs who live there.
      I’m serious – could tell you stories about it.
      No life skills, no common sense.
      Emotional, protected children in adult bodies, and with adult rights.
      And not a clue.

  3. These people sure sound like they have a lot of insight into the complex interrelated nature of global climatology. I definitely would entrust them with administering a global governance scheme to regulate industry, extract resources, and redistribute them on a world scale. Then again, I’m out on daypass from a lunatic asylum, and my word’s probably not to be trusted.

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