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And not a flying pig was given about our carbon tax

Leading the world? Doing our fair share?

It’s all bollocks.

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The rest of the world don’t even care.


Friday Night Party Music

What a week! 60.5 to 39.5! If Julia were a mouse (at 27.5%) she’d be a…

Better than a couple of weeks ago, eh Sean… πŸ˜‰

Oi, Swanny: slam yourself ya goose!

Wayne Swan slams the media over the ALP’s worst poll result ever. He singles out the Daily Telegraph, so may I say, “Well Done Tim Blair!”

Mr Swan on Friday named Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph as one newspaper that constantly opposed a carbon price. “It doesn’t care how it does it,” he said of the News Limited publication.

Link courtesy of SBS. By the way, nice pic of, er, STEAM there, SBS! πŸ™„


You sneaky devils, SBS. they’ve changed the photo of STEAM coming out of the factory “chimney” and replaced it with a Swan video.

Ouch! The ALP’s worst poll ever. ALP 39.5% L-NP 60.5%

Keep pounding that yellow brick road to plug your useless, ineffective wrecking ball of a carbon tax, Julia.

Here’s the first poll since PM Gillard formally announced her trace gas tax.


In the first Australia-wide voting intention poll conducted since Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced the details of the Carbon Tax the latest telephone Morgan Poll conducted over the last two nights, July 13/14, 2011 shows the L-NP 60.5% with a record winning lead over the ALP 39.5% – the worst Two-Party preferred voting result for Labor since the first Roy Morgan Gallup Poll conducted in May 1942.

The L-NP primary vote is 52.5%, nearly double the ALP 27.5%. Support for the minor parties shows the Greens 10.5% and Others/ Independents 9.5%.

If a Federal election were held today the L-NP would win in a landslide according to today’s Morgan Poll.


  • definitely time for that Friday Night Party Music now!
  • (to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody) Julieeeeeee!!!! Youuuu goooot to go….

Shhh, don’t tell Bob Brown

The Greens leader, currently hunting the Murdoch press in Australia under the pretense of wanting an inquiry into media standards, would probably jizz in his pants get a tingle up his leg if he read this line in a news story about the possible death of ex-Chinese president Jiang Zemin.

Rumors emerged on Chinese websites soon after the 90th anniversary TV specials ended. But within a day, they were wiped away by government censors.

Responsibility to report accurately my arse, Brown.


PS Seems censoring the internet and redistributing wealth simply isn’t enough for the hard Left.

Follow the logic. A single State-run media outlet could be the only “fair” solution for Bob.


It might be a good idea to download TOR now, before any internet and/or media censorship comes into play. The site could well be a target to be blocked. As it stands now, there’s not really any need to use it, but it couldn’t hurt to have it ready just in case.

Over the top? I wish it were. Remember, many people who ended up undemocratic totalitarian dictators actually rose to power via democratic means and subverted the system from the inside.

Also, consider the “long march” through our legal system, our academia and even our media. Channel Seven’s Mark Riley asking PM Gillard for tips on how to be nice to her???


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