Shhh, don’t tell Bob Brown

The Greens leader, currently hunting the Murdoch press in Australia under the pretense of wanting an inquiry into media standards, would probably jizz in his pants get a tingle up his leg if he read this line in a news story about the possible death of ex-Chinese president Jiang Zemin.

Rumors emerged on Chinese websites soon after the 90th anniversary TV specials ended. But within a day, they were wiped away by government censors.

Responsibility to report accurately my arse, Brown.


PS Seems censoring the internet and redistributing wealth simply isn’t enough for the hard Left.

Follow the logic. A single State-run media outlet could be the only “fair” solution for Bob.


It might be a good idea to download TOR now, before any internet and/or media censorship comes into play. The site could well be a target to be blocked. As it stands now, there’s not really any need to use it, but it couldn’t hurt to have it ready just in case.

Over the top? I wish it were. Remember, many people who ended up undemocratic totalitarian dictators actually rose to power via democratic means and subverted the system from the inside.

Also, consider the “long march” through our legal system, our academia and even our media. Channel Seven’s Mark Riley asking PM Gillard for tips on how to be nice to her???


  1. According to Archbishop Cranmer, other media groups are as bad, if not worse, than News International:

    The Mirror has (naturally) denied its journalists have ever hacked anyone. Responding to the allegation, a spokesman said: “Trinity Mirror’s position is clear. Our journalists work within the criminal law and the PCC code of conduct.”
    This strikes [Cranmer] as a little foolish, not to say a downright lie, because the Information Commissioner’s 2006 report ‘What price privacy now?’ detailed 681 incidents of dubious or criminal acts perpetrated by no fewer than 45 Daily Mirror journalists. According to Chris Bryant MP, these included ‘illegally obtaining driving licence details, illegal criminal records or vehicle registration searches, telephone reverse traces and mobile telephone conversions’. Their journalists manifestly do not all work within the criminal law and the PCC code of conduct.
    So, while not excusing the illicit activities of a few News International journalists and possibly their editors, it is important to reflect calmly on the facts and introduce a little sense of proportion into the furore. If Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks are not considered by David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband to be a ‘fit and proper’ people to own and run BSkyB, why is Viscount Rothermere fit to own the Mail Group? Why is Paul Dacre fit to edit the Daily Mail? Why is Ian Gibson fit to be Chairman of Trinity Mirror? And why is the ‘violent and dishonest’ pornographer Richard Desmond deemed sufficiently ‘fit and proper’ to own the Express Group and Channel 5?

    As for Mark Riley (and following fisking, named after Robert Fisk), I submit that we now have a new word, riley, transitive and intransitive verb, “to question a politician or public official with outrageously deferential, self-abasing sycophancy” or “to fawn sickenly”; e.g., “the alleged journalists at the NPC were falling over themselves to riley the Prime Minister, but the proctoleichous Mark Riley out-rileyed them all.”

    • Winston Smith
    • July 15th, 2011

    The “Long March Through the Institutions” has been spectacularly successful. Everywhere you look, you see either Marxists or fellow travellers in positions of authority. Just a couple – at the sharp end of our democratic nation is the GG, who would sell the country out to Julia for a new frock. Turnbull, until he was ejected from the Liberals by Tony Abbott. The list does go on, and I wouldn’t bet on the military being on the peoples side either.

    • PayclePrayend
    • August 9th, 2011

    Property Secretary Theresa May perhaps is conference senior law enforcement following a 2nd night associated with violence in London.

    Mrs Might returned from her holiday seasons after over 100 everyone was arrested in addition to 35 reps injured throughout two nights of rioting and also looting.

    A tranquil protest with Tottenham with Saturday over the fatal firing by law enforcement of 29-year-old ( Pozycjonowanie) Mark Duggan was and then violence.

    That spread about Sunday nights to Enfield, Walthamstow along with Brixton.

    Deputy Perfect Minister Computer chip Clegg known as the rioting “opportunistic theft”.

    Mrs May well, who were being in touch with other mature politicians and also senior law enforcement officers while international, is achieving Acting City Police (Met)Commissioner Tim Godwin and also other officers with Monday evening.

    A Residence spokesman cannot confirm regardless of whether Mrs May had cut short the woman’s holiday, or no matter whether she was as a result of return about Monday.

    Previously Monday your house secretary said: “Last night, police reps again placed themselves within harm’s method to protect Londoners and their house. Pozycjonowanie

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