Save the planet! Stunt your kids’ growth

Or adopt pygmies. Or maybe don’t teach them how to walk.

PORT Albert, on Victoria’s southeast coast, is a pretty-as-a-picture fishing village that is at war with the science of climate change.

Residents in the village have been told that because of rising sea levels, new housing has to be built on stumps almost 1.5m above ground level, despite the fact many of the town’s original colonial buildings have withstood time and tide on ground level without ill effect since the 19th century.

At the same time, a heritage overlay in the village, introduced more than a decade ago, prevents roof lines being built higher than the roof of the local pub, which is claimed to be Victoria’s oldest continuously licensed hotel.

Not surprisingly, land values are down more than a third. Maybe someone should tell their local council that sea level rise, currently a piddly 1.5mm a year, has been decelerating as of late.

And apart from the council, who’s to blame? Yes, Julia’s favourite…

The CSIRO. Largely on one report, too.

Meanwhile, even fresh concerns over further global economic meltdown won’t stop PM Gillard’s brain meltdown.

And no, it seems the latest polls – 39 to 61 – won’t either. Tsssss!


Tim Blair finally grows a conscience and decides that following Greens leader Bob Brown’s fair and accurate agenda is The Right Thing To Do, after all.

Via Bolta, a sample:

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  1. there are a lots of pygmie brains in Canberra too! Maybe the people in Port Albert, who will be bent / stooping over can introduce to the nation – the new and green Port Albert Shuffle!

      • bingbing
      • July 18th, 2011

      It’s like they’ll be able to bow to Gaia… constantly! Yay!

  2. Hi,
    Something really needs to be done to help those people, I wonder when their next council election will be, it really has got ridiculous, Beyond ridiculous actually.

    I thought Tim Blair done an excellent job on the paper. 😆

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